Unity08 Update: Moving Forward

posted by Doug Bailey on October 16, 2023 - 11:07am

We’ve been going so fast and furious that an update is long-overdue. We just decided that there was no sense competing with the present ongoing election frenzy in seeking coverage of all of this. (That frenzy in every way simply enhances the likely success of Unity08. Has anyone seen a bigger political mess with less leadership from all sides?)

So here goes a quick report.

  1. The Rules Committee is busy at its task. It is giving a lot of attention, by the way, to the process of delegates drafting a candidate or ticket. Many of us feel that in the end that is the process that may prove the most likely fashion of attracting the most powerful ticket that can be put forward.
  2. We will start the ballot access process immediately after this November’s elections. Steptoe & Johnson has done exhaustive research on all 50 states, and while there will be places where it will be tough, it looks a lot easier than many of us expected. (There are some states which simply let you walk in, sign a slip of paper, and be on the ballot. In most places it requires a significant number of signatures, but nowhere seems impossible.) We’re picking some starting places now and going after it immediately.
  3. Official delegate registration will open January 1st on the web site. And look for an opportunity after November 7th to start “pre-registration” with some special rewards for those who sign up early.
  4. If you haven’t seen it, take a look at the college site (click here). With 200+ college groups in action, we are looking toward at least doubling that number by the end of the academic year. We think the college students will be out front of the effort to secure ballot access signatures and to sign up delegates.
  5. Some wonderful high school leaders (too young to vote, but old enough to lead) will be passing a Unity Petition at the polls this November 7th – aimed at Congress with a message to stop the blame-game politics. You can help them, by going to their site (click here) and seeing who is active in your state and volunteering to lend a hand. They need parents as voting place coordinators. They need folks to recruit their own local schools. And they especially need people who can help reproduce petitions and handout sheets for Election Day.
  6. Taking into account the very helpful suggestions and debate that you have conducted here on the web site, we have designed an innovative and powerful way to approach the issues. We call it the American Agenda. By polling, the delegates and public will determine the crucial issues confronting the country. We will present on the website a panoply of expert opinions on each crucial issue, spanning the full spectrum of responsible solutions. Through discussion, debate and polling, the delegates will settle on the questions that the candidates should answer relating to each issue. Unity08’s American Agenda will be the questions; the candidate’s answers will represent his/her American Agenda and platform. We think it takes the silly party platform process of the two parties and stands it on its head. We would be surprised if the media doesn’t take the Unity08 American Agenda of questions and present them forcefully to all candidates, regardless of party.
  7. Our financing theory is that with a million dollar “bridge” fund of 200 contributions of $5000, we will be able to finance the effort fully until such point in early 2023 when the small contribution funds contributed by willing delegates can self-finance the operation. By the way if you wish by part of the Unity08 200, please let us know by emailing AHarris@unity08.com. Thanks.
  8. We have been busy briefing potential 2023 candidates and their staffs as they or friends request it. These are done on a totally confidential basis, but we can report that virtually no one disagrees with the premise that the two party system seems to be broken at the moment and needs to be fixed. It is our goal to be able to show them, as time moves along, that we can put 5-10 million delegates in the hall, get a slot for the ticket on every state ballot, and enable them to raise $100,000,000 or more in campaign funds from the delegate list after the convention has chosen them as the ticket. That will draw leaders.
  9. We are systematically recruiting both political and celebrity spokespersons for the effort, so that come the presidential season that starts on November 8th we will have powerful voices to carry our message.

Thank you for your patience and your support. America needs another one of those things called a rebirth of freedom. Unity08 can be that for our time. And you will make it happen.

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Hey Hey, let the games begin. The update was welcome news and for others to realize that the Nov election will be another farce is more confirmation that the system is broken and needs to be overhauled. I wonder how many of the present "leaders" will try to capitalize on Unity08's goal and try to turn it to their advantage. I for one am ready to load my little slingshot and start taking on the the giants that have, if not brought us to this mess are perpetuating its continuance. I'm ready folks, I can wait until the elections are over in Nov but until then I'll be collecting rocks. I'm saving some for the media also since they delight in instigating a lot of the mess anyway from the right and left. Maybe they can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem but time will tell.

The ability to get on the ballot here in Pennsylvania is very difficult and PA has perfected the ability to clear out the "ballot clutter: that Unity08 would represent. I'd suggest that you file an Amicus brief or contact the Green Party, Liberterians and Constitutional Parties about their current attempt to address the problem. See also www.paballotaccess.org.

Welcome back, Doug - we missed you. Thanks for the "strategery."

My gut-level sense is that the Founders' skill set lies largely in traditional "party-building" activities in the "real world." Obviously, these talents are crucial in a political movement, but Unity'08 has yet to tap even 1/10th the potential of the web - not just as a money-machine (a la Howard Dean), but as a way for people from all over the country to truly collaborate on the problems of our time and solve them together. Read Isaac Asimov's short story "The Last Question."

These collaborative tools haven't even been written yet. The outlines don't even exist, yet. To leverage this medium, you need somebody who's internet chops are as robust as the rest of the team's is in politics. We're talking guys and gals who hang out with Steve Balmer and Steve Jobs.

Use your contacts - they're out there. And they'll contribute their talents (like the rest of us) for less-than-market prices. Sure, they have big egos, but they'll show you how this wonderful thing called the web can kick TV's *ss and make political broadcast commercials "soooo 20th century" - and make special interest money and lobbyists obsolete.

Still routin' for ya...

DB, thanks much. Many of us were getting nearly despondent from the lack of response. Your plan sounds good as far as it goes, and I especially appreciate the youth orientation. I also echo Eriks observation that we need to get some powerful silicon valley types onboard front and center as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to the ride!

Mark Greene
Texas Democrat in the Middle

agenda - candidate - platform is the right order of activity in my view. Somewhere between agenda and candidates we'll need to address how we get from candidate to ticket; that is, the selection of VP candidates. I think that mechanism will be very important to the top spot candidates and may be a ground breaking method in its own right. The rulescom needs to open that issue very soon.

Bill"for what we are together"

FAQ says candidates will bring ticket with them...no issue there.

Bill"for what we are together"

The bi-partisan (as opposed to non-partisan) Commission on Presidential Debates has worked to exclude third party and independent candidates since Ross Perot's strong showing in 1988, setting the bar at 15% polling to be included.

OpenDebates.org argued persuasively for a lower 5% polling standard (or 50% of the public wanting a candidate included), but lost out in 2023. Two third party candidates were actually arrested trying to get into a CPD debate, and the national news media didn't even mention the fact.

With Unity08's support, OpenDebates.org might win in 2023.

That "ongoing election frenzy"? It's relevant to the Unity Movement too. I'm asking whoever reads this to take a moment to send some emails to help someone.

Harry Welty is an independent in Duluth Minnesota who heard about Unity08 back in June and decided to fill un "Unity" for his political party. He's right up our alley in terms of focusing on crucial issues and thinking things are a mess. I'd love for him to win or make a decent showing... but he needs our help right now.

He's being kept out of the local television debates because he's not part of a party that got at least 5% of the vote in the past election. Heck we're still not a party and we didn't even exist back then. But with enough email sent to the correct person we can probably get Harry into the debates this Friday. It's up to us. And we have to act fast. Harry rolled up his sleeves and offered to carry our banner into Congress and he's being excluded for affiliating with us. I feel we owe it to him to give something back.

Please go to the letter writing page that has example emails to send to your friends and families to raise more letters... it also has an example letter to send to Robin Washington (an Editor for the Duluth News Tribune), the guy whose decision the whole thing rides on.

Just imagine the wave of people who'll be showing up to this site if we get a guy in Congress. Please go to the letter site and send some letters to help Harry quick. We only have Wednesday night and all of Thursday and Friday morning before the debate in question takes place. Please.

Thanks for your help,

Here is an update for the founders of this movement. Keep this ship in the middle of the political spectrum, do not do hatchet jobs on either extreme of each party or the public will turn this movement off in a hearbeat. Good luck you are going to need it.

For when the banks start feeling the pain of weakness they will adjust accordingly and the Republicans will find strength in a progressive conservative that reaches toward hitech resolution for all things. Bringing the people and the special interest $$$ together in a policy of hitech efficiency and security for all of us as we continue the free market system... Once the two headed party realizes these things are past due we will begin the transformation... The question is have we learned our lesson yet? - Earn Snyder
Author "$aving the bureaucracy - Killing the beast"
Modern Progressive Independent

For the greatest strength this nation has is our banking institutions... As decisions at the highest levels are made on the basis of these things... So issues can only get so bad before this strength raises it's sword and drops it as required to resolve these issues once they get to close to this well being... - Earn Snyder
Author "$aving the bureaucracy - Killing the beast"
Modern Progressive Independent

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