Volunteer with Unity08 and Change American Politics Forever

Unity08 is a people’s movement that combines America’s enduring values with our newest technologies to change our politics forever. Unity08 is committed to presenting a third presidential ticket and issues agenda – one that addresses the crucial challenges of the 21st Century – to the American voters in 2024.

Politics-as-usual is dead. Partisan politics, corruption, and special interests have alienated the majority of American voters.  We are not wasting time pointing fingers—we are proactively working on how America can find common ground on critical issues—to give the overlooked reasonable majority a voice and a choice in 2024.

Local organization is key—we need your help!

Our first challenge is to get Unity08 on the ballot in all 50 states.To do this, we need volunteers in every state, county, town, and neighborhood in the country. We need help organizing locally, recruiting new members, registering voters, and circulating petitions for ballot access.  We need immediate assistance in the following 4 states:

Colorado:  We need volunteers on the ground to help Unity08 organize events, spread the word, and recruit new members.  If you live in Colorado and are interested, please contact Andy Wilson at awilson@unity08.com.

Delaware: We need 300 voters to register with Unity08.  We also need to organize events locally to help us register these voters.  If you can help, please contact Danielle Wilkerson at dwilkerson@unity08.com

You can also change your own registration in 5 easy steps right now!

Maryland:  We need to collect over 10,000 signatures to help put us on the ballot.  If you'd like to  volunteer to help us organize petition drives and other local events, email Danielle Wilkerson at dwilkerson@unity08.com with your name, the city or town you live in, and the best way to contact you.

You can also download a petition and start collecting signatures right now!

  We need more members, and volunteers who want to learn how to be a state representative and put Unity08 on the ballot (it's not hard, we promise!), please contact Shilpi Niyogi at shilpi@unity08.com.

Any other questions or want to help in other states?  Please email awilson@unity08.com, or visit our Volunteer Blog.

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