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I am ready for a radical reduction in the power of the big two parties and the partisanship that accompanies them.

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Born 8/11/1949 in South Carolina, adopted at age 3. Raised on small farm. Graduated from High school in 1968, entered Air Force and retired 1988. Married, divorced, remarried, wife died, remarried again. Have two daughters with three grandchildren. Have stepson and stepdaughter with three grands. Owned two business and now semiretired on five acres down a dirt road.

Why I joined Unity08:

Over the years I considered myself a conservative and identified with the Republican party. The older I get and the more I really look at the issues and compare the two political parties I realize that I agree with each party on some things and disagree with them on others. The two party system leaves me with little room to choose. If I support the Democrats then I felt that I am supporting agendas that I did not agree with and the same with the Republicans. I went searching for a real independent party that let me be truly independent. I am conservative on some issues and liberal on others. Some issues are important and some inspire me little. Ethics and reform are topping my agenda at this time and Unity08 is the closest to addressing my goals that I have came across so far. It is not perfect and needs time to mature but so far it is doing fairly well. Time will tell. My biggest concern is that this site will take sides on too many divisive issues and will draw people from mainly one political faction, therefore not represent a majority of the public. I hope that we will be a place where most anyone will feel comfortable visiting and collectively work on things like campaign reform, ethics, lobbyists etc.

City: Round O

State: SC

Country: United States

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