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posted by Robert.Bingham on October 17, 2024 - 3:26pm

The Unity08 team has been hard at work behind the scenes making sure we have the next generation web site in development. We’ve had to re-engineer the hardware and software to handle lots of traffic that media events garner, but we are really excited about the next revision to the front door of the web site. I thought I’d share a short sneak peek of some of the features that will greet you soon during login. 

  • Members of Unity08 will gain points for activity within the site.  We’re calling these points Political Capital.
  • As an evolution of the American Agenda, every user will be able to rank their issues they feel are crucial to the safety and well-being of the country, and get instant feedback on how the whole membership feels about those same issues.
  • Members will be able to suggest influential web resources for their American Agenda issues.
  • Members of Unity08 will be able to track their email invitations to others.
  • We have added much more extensive group functionality, including allowing you to start your own groups, with blog features for each group.
  • We have added event capability, so that you can organize Unity08 events on a local basis.
  • Much more extensive use of Video.
  • More focused on you, and your views on what is important to our National dialogue.

We are very excited to show you our progress and are looking forward to your feedback. We hope to launch October 31. A day we think will be a scary day for "politics-as-usual."


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I think each group should also be able to set up its own polls. They might be private polls for group members only, or they might be open to other Unity08 members (or even non-unity08 members?)

It would be a win-win situation in that it creates much more data for the Unity08 organization to examine, and it gives people a chance to participate in the very thing this is all about: democracy!

I'm really looking foward to the new functionality!

-GP (gp.in.minnesota@gmail.com)

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Good idea, I will check the member roles within the group to see if this is possible.


Bob Roth
VP Online Marketing, Unity08

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Good news: thanks to our amazing development team and the efforts of Bob Roth and others, this feature will be available. You'll be able to create your own polls within your group and vote in them. Get ready!

Andy Wilson

As odd as it may sound I think this ability alone is what can get and keep people coming to the site on a regular basis. Everyone can test their political theories and see if they hold up to the opinion of the community.

Polls like this are also a good way to get people outside the community to check it out. Web advertising suggests this rather strongly, albeit with stupid polls like "What's Paris Hilton's dogs name" and such. The point though, is that we all have a sort of reflex to want to have our voice heard and we click on stuff like that.

Even if a lot of the polls users set up are repetitive or silly, the ability to vote "everywhere and all the time" is perhaps one of the catalyst elements that will get people to become regular - a community gel of sorts. It's a simpler interaction than posting on boards, and less intimidating.

Looking forward to it!

-GP (gp.in.minnesota@gmail.com)

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Thanks for the good work Unity08!!!

While you guys were working on the new site - were Doug, Jerry, Hamilton & Robert talking to Officials of The VFW, AARP, Newt & Ameriocan Solutions, Sam Nunn, Michael Bloomberg and Huckabee and Leaders of Both Parties ???

Read todays posting on www.america-21stcentury.com "UNITY08 Can Win The White House & Save Congress's Butt 2024" !!

Just thought I'd ask


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