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To save this nation and Instant Message with you, my IM is "earnsnyder@yahoo.com".

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Born February 18, 1963 in Eastern Oregon. Served 4 years in the USAF as a Morse Systems Operator 207X1. Becoming a Veteran at the early age of 23 - I entered the profession of desktop publishing in 1989 - since producing newspapers, magazines, yellow page directories and direct mail promotions. Today providing composition support for a variety of publishing related clients. Visit www.appyp.com for a product that could be used to gain momentum for any political movement state by state by state!

Why I joined Unity08:

To save this nation and Instant Message with you, my IM is "earnsnyder@yahoo.com". Leadership comes from a strong hard headed soul. Legislative leadership requires the art of negotiation, institutionalized education and bureaucracy building. The two are quite different - but one thing is sure.... We need a Abraham Lincoln or a Martin Luther King Jr. Anything less during a time of necessary and brutal airstrikes and almost revolutionary hitech reforms that will destroy institutional bureaucracy as we know them - is no time for anything less than a Airforce Intelligence Veteran! As the first mistake was changing our foreign policy in thinking we could clear the world of people who hate our nation and want to destroy us! For some rediculous reason our leaders lost their minds! We need to get back to reality and realize we can't kill them all! GO FIGHT WIN - NOW OWN THE SKIES!

City: Henderson

State: NV

Country: United States

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