Oh politics…The scary territory that you’re afraid to navigate with anyone because of the hostility that is bound to be received when you answer the question “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?”.

I know I for one want to run the other way when that question is asked. No matter what the answer, I am sure to get harassed and harangued by the opposing party’s supporters. I am beyond tired of the age old debate of which party is better and why. Frankly, I feel like the two party system is not working for us and here is why:

Our current system has created such a division in the government that is continually leading to mires on issues that are important and need to be addressed.

The separation also leads to many instances where issues are too cut and cry with no room for a middle ground. We have to meet each other half way or it is really just an obnoxious game of tug o’ war with no real winner, but there is a definite loser – the citizens.

A two party system also leaves some voters out. There will be times when you agree with some of the platforms of both the Democrat and the Republican parties, but there isn’t a middle man to choose since there are never enough votes to put another name on the ballot under a different party.

There is also tremendous difficulty when trying to enact change in the government when there is such a divide. One party invariably always pouts in the corner, hissing about the other parties “agenda”. How about we focus on the “agenda” of who really matters instead of waging in a bought of micturational sparring? We need to migrate to a new system for the health of our nation…

A liberal by definition is a person that is open to new behavior, willing to discard traditional values and concerned with expanding their own personal knowledge. I am a liberal and embody the truest form of its definition. I am proud to hold the beliefs I do and support my party’s system as they support me with their intention to let me continue to be who I am. Here’s why I am a liberal and proud of it.

I believe in science and all the good that it does for our world and its people, for without it, most of us would not be here. I feel that science should be taught in our schools and that it should be unconstitutional to change that.

I believe that there is climate change because we are killing out planet, but I do not believe that some divine deity is using it punish us. I am strong in my conviction that we need to make immediate changes before it is too late.

I believe that every single person no matter what their sexual orientation or identity should have the same equal rights as all of us. I know that these are not life choices, rather something they are born with and should be free of judgment. I learned this when I was a student working 3 jobs.

Love is love no matter whom it is with and it is not for you or me to judge another person’s choices, especially those choices that have nothing to do with us.

 I believe immigration is what our country was founded on and what built it to the great union it is today. I do not for one moment feel that immigration is what will be its demise. I do however feel that we will be our own demise if we do not stop fighting one another.…

We all know that public opinion is the driving force behind the success of any politician. If you want to be a successful politician there are a few easy ways to get the public behind you to support your political career.

It is important to do things for the good of the community or organization when trying to look good to the public as well. You don’t want to seem like a politician that is only out for number one. Try to squeeze in as many of these suggestions as possible for the most benefit.

The public likes their politicians to be relatable and wants to see them as just another member of their community. If you want to look good to the public, let them see you as an active member of the community by taking your kids to school, soccer practice, going to the store or any other mundane activity that the average person does.

Be sure to get involved with giving back to causes and organizations that really impact a wide net of people. Giving blood or heading a food drive is an excellent way for the public to see you in a positive light. (P.S. If you want to help your local blood center, training to be a phlebotomist is actually pretty easy).

You will look good to the voters that are important to your success as a politician and you’ll also be doing something really great for your community.

Another very good thing to do if you are wanted to increase your public appeal as a politician is to get involved with kids and their organizations. Everyone loves a good story about a program getting saved by a “do gooder” swooping in to help pull in extra funding and generating some much needed buzz for it. You will look great in the public eye and will again be helping out a much needed cause.…

There is no doubt that there is a healthcare crisis in our country. Everyday people are unable afford private insurance or are denied benefits through their employers due to the high costs. The result of this is often great suffering, loss of income and in some cases loss of life. All of these are unacceptable consequences of our country’s lack of a universal healthcare system.

Of course, I’m a little closer than this to most people. I’ve been in health care for a long time now — most of that in the billing and coding department, and a billing specialist sees just about everything regarding the money people are spending on healthcare.

The current number of uninsured people in the United States has grown to over 45 million. This number is due in large part to the lackluster economy and the insane rates of insurance. For most, healthcare has become impossible for businesses and private citizens to afford. Our heads of state need to wake up and see that having a universal healthcare system helps everyone in very simple and noticeable ways.

If we had universal healthcare, more people would take the steps to prevent major illnesses. It would be easy for these citizens to schedule regular checkups and take preventative measure to remain healthy. They will be able to do this since the cost of the appointments and medications will be cheaper and in the long run will make the price of healthcare significantly less.

Patients with preexisting conditions that were once unable to get medical coverage would be able to do so. They’ll no longer be forced to suffer without treatment or lose everything that they have worked so hard for to pay out of pocket for doctor visits, testing and medications.

We will be lowering the cost of medications and the cost of hospital stays, diagnostic testing as well as emergency room visits would surely decrease with the institution of a universal healthcare system.  A society with a universal healthcare system is a healthier and more productive society. We need to fix this now!…

I recently read a report that the President and First Lady have a private music tutor for their girls. If the report was correct, the girls were learning to play piano on a simple Yamaha P105, which is a digital piano, not a grand piano or anything. Basically, a simple instrument for a reasonable price.

The article was full of venom and derogatory remarks stating that these children don’t deserve to have these private lessons just because they are the First Daughters and that the lessons are being paid for with hard earned tax dollars. This made me wonder why we view them any different than any other family. They’re just trying to do their best, just like each of us is.

Last I checked Sasha and Malia Obama are normal kids that go to school, have activities and hobbies they enjoy just like our children do. I’m also pretty certain that Mr. and Mrs. Obama are parents first and foremost, doing anything and everything they need to do to ensure that their children are raised in as normal an environment as possible.

I cannot think of a better way for these parents to make their children feel normal in what is most certainly an unconventional upbringing. They are placing their children in activities after school like normal kids and providing music lessons just like any other child would be doing. Who says that just because Mr. Obama is president that his children don’t deserve the same things that every other kids does.

I think that the Obama’s are a normal family living under exceptional circumstances. They’re just trying to do the best they can each day to get by and trying to act as normal possible. For them this shuffling their kids to music lessons in between news conferences and meetings important heads of state from all over the world. It is no different than me juggling one kid’s soccer practice getting out in just enough time to get to the other kid’s dance class.…

Each year the White House hosts a giant dinner party where the worlds of politics, journalism and celebrity collide. It is an event that many are chomping the bit to be on the attendee list and we think we know the real reason behind it.

It is not to rub elbows with the rich, famous and powerful. No, the real reason that getting an invitation to the White House Correspondents Dinner is so coveted is described in two very simple words – Swag Bag.

What is a swag bag you ask? It is a bag that is loaded with all the newest and coolest products from companies with the main goal of getting these upper crust participants to mention a product or be seen with it in public. I want to focus on the two most extravagant and crazy expensive items that were given away this year.

The biggest item that was given away at the dinner was a 5 night stay in a villa in Kauai. The estimated value of the trip that was given away was upwards of $20,000. Excuse me while I choke on my coffee after just typing that amount. This trip was given away to people that could probably buy an island of their own, I might add.

The second big ticket item in this year’s bag was a Rolex Yachtmaster. This watch retails for a minimum of $30,000. Again, it was just given away to fancy pants rich people that probably already own 5 of the. I guess Rolex really needs to get their name out there (this is clearly a time when a special font depicting sarcasm would be helpful).

Can someone point me in the direction of the person that sends out invitations? I’m pretty sure that mine was lost in the mail.…

It is becoming increasingly evident that our planet is in dire need of its inhabitants to make some drastic changes. We need our politicians to get behind these issues with us to make changes happen faster and with more frequency. There are three very important reasons that our political figures should get behind the use of electric cars. These are just the first step to saving our planet and we need to get our politicians on board quickly.

For starters, we all know that using electric cars is way better for the environment than using conventional cars. I know this better than anyone: I have a big 7 passenger van and a new 7 passenger SUV, and those things burn gas like there’s no tomorrow.

Electric cars run off of electric batteries therefore they do not use any fuel to power them. Without the use of fuel there is little to virtually no emissions sent into the atmosphere since electricity is a clean source of energy.

We need our politicians to stand behind the use of electric cars to reduce our use and depletion of our nonrenewable resources. We would be able to save a substantial amount of petroleum and diesel fuel if we converted to the use of electric cars and in turn would have an ample supply for the machinery that is only capable of using petroleum and diesel. An added benefit to this is that we would also be able to rely less upon other countries for this fuel.

If we can migrate to the use of electric cars with the support of politicians we will be sparing the planet of countless environmental hazards. Conventional cars use chemicals that are toxic to the environment to operate unlike electric cars that do not use those same chemicals and oils to run. There won’t be the continued damage done to the environment by these chemicals running off into our waterways and forests, causing destruction in their wake.…