Stoking the Fire (10/17)

posted by MaureenSchweers on October 17, 2007 - 7:02am

More reasons why we need to join together to take our country back:

  • Is This A Way To Pick A President? NBC News' First Read reports on the "calendar madness" that is the White House 2008 primary season. "We're potentially inside of 80 days before voting begins and the candidates don't know EXACTLY when the various election days are seems beyond ridiculous"; additionally, the parties could have two separate primary calendars, meaning "the average voter is probably going to be confused. ... Most city council and school board elections are straight forward, why can't our presidential election be that way, too?"
  • Small State, Too Much Influence? "Next year more than ever, the fate of the nation may lie in the hands of a small group of Iowa voters -- a group roughly equal to the population of Akron, Ohio," National Journal reports. "No matter how much (or how little) Iowans have in common with the rest of us, the primary calendar has given Iowa the whole country's proxy." 
  • Mom Always Said: Be Kind To Everyone, You Could Be Related To Them: "Though they may spar across the political aisle," Vice President Dick Cheney and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) are actually distant cousins, AP reports. 
  • Quotable: "When Americans look at Congress, they're disgusted by what they see: constant partisan sniping and runaway spending. I don't blame them" -- Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN).

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Click on Posting of today ...

"A Clueless Congress - The Enemy Within Our Midst"

Read and digest it and the previous posting : then support my effort to get the Founders Of UNITY08 to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET - JOIN THE VFW, AARP'S "DIVIDED WE FAIL" AND NEWT GINGRICH'S "AMERICAN SOLUTIONS" and The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) THAT'S MILLIONS OF PEOPLE - WHO WANT THE SAME THING WE DO ... Forget The Lawyers The FEC (our enemies have influence over what they will do) LET'S TAKE OUR CASE TO THE PEOPLE NOW .. before it's too late for all of us ..

Between Hilary's Rank & File Grabbing All The Bought & Paid For News Print and Air Time - and the Physiological Role the Small State of IOWA plays in U.S. Elections, time is of the essence in Making Our Presence Felt !!

This is no political game we've undertaken - this is a war against those who sell our rights and freedoms to the Highest Bidder.

Don't forget click on, read/digest the last two postings - let the Founders and all the Delegates to UNITY08 know where you stand ..


I think Unity 08 is a great idea but I cannot support any attempt to take back our country if ending the drug war is not a top priority.The drug war affects so many of the other important issues facing us,that without it's repeal,any attempt to heal our country and regain our constitution is just half-hearted.I'll be back when you people get serious.

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