Ballot Access

Volunteers needed now in CO, DE, MD, and MS.

To elect the next President of the United States, Unity08 must be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Requirements vary by state, but most require registered voters to sign a petition to put us on the ballot, either as a party, or, in 20 states, only after we have chosen our Unity Ticket. In some states we also need people to register as members of Unity08 or hold a state convention.

Click on the map below to get a snapshot of what we must do to get Unity08 on the ballot in your state.


What is Unity08’s plan?

We need volunteers in every state, county, town, and neighborhood in the country. We are creating state and local organizations for the purpose of getting us on the ballot, but also to begin hosting local membership and recruitment meetings. We need a state director, a state volunteer legal counsel, local organizers, and volunteers.

To start a local organization, please send us an email.

Where did you find this information?

Unity08 is working with the law firm of Steptoe and Johnson and their extensive expertise in ballot access. Furthermore, we must find volunteer legal counsel in each state who can advise us on local issues. If you can assist, please contact us.

Who should I contact in my state?

If there is already a state director for Unity08 in your area, their contact information will be posted so you can reach them. In many states, we are still seeking state directors. To find out if you have a state director in your state, please contact Andy Wilson, our Volunteer Program Coordinator.

Who can sign the petition? Do I have to leave my current political party?

In most states, you do not need to change your party affiliation. Any registered voter can sign a petition as long as they are currently registered to vote at the address written on the petition. In some states, such as Texas, there are other requirements. Please click on your state in the map above to find out what requirements exist in your state.

I want to sign the petition but I can’t help gather signatures. What can I do?

If you hear about an event in your area, bring your family and friends to sign the petition. Or, donate $10 or $25 to offset the hourly cost of hiring any professional petition gathers we may need nationwide.

I want to stay informed about all volunteer and ballot access issues in my state. What can I do?

To be added to our list of volunteers who are interested in helping with ballot access, please contact Andy Wilson. Also check out the Unity08 Volunteer Blog and the new volunteer page.

Unity08 can’t start collecting signatures in my state yet. What should I do in the meantime?

Local organizing to recruit new members is key to our success. Host house parties and local meetings to get friends and family signed up online. Take every opportunity to talk about Unity08 while standing in line, on a plane, or at a restaurant. That way, when we begin collecting signatures, we will already have thousands of people ready to sign a petition.

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