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The American republic must be made to work for it's people.

William D (Bill) Henderson

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Just retired engineer. Whole working life in Houston, TX, College in Las Cruces, NM, Grew up in Fort Worth, TX. Always single, always independent in politics and religion

Why I joined Unity08:

Our republic is disfunctional as a representative of it's people because the people have neglected their right to power as allowed by our Constitution. We have allowed two major political organizations to fill that driving force by negotiate for power (resources, human and capitol, and lawmaking) with moneyed and extremist interest. I want that process interupted and put on a course to empower the voter. I want to see elected office holders that know how the mechanics of government works and respected enough to negotiate to a moderate majority. I see no need to pick every imaginable issue to pieces to make this turn in American political's the 'turn' that matters. US Cong Dist TX 07

City: Bellaire

State: TX

Country: USA

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