Our hearts are in San Diego

posted by Robert.Bingham on October 23, 2024 - 2:23pm

Several of us here at Unity08 believed enough in the movement to pack our bags and leave the west coast for Washington, D.C. Our mission to combine our enduring American values with our newest technology to elect the next president of the United States has us far from our homes in San Diego.

The ongoing fires weigh heavy on our hearts as we are now working doubly hard to make sure our friends and family back home have shelter and that Unity08 continues to make progress.

We’ve recently passed around a book in the office, “The Heart of a Volunteer.” There are some amazing quotes to be read in this book – very applicable to our current situation…

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”
-    Irish Proverb

“When it comes to helping others, there are no little things… the accumulation of a lot of little things isn’t little… it takes each of us to make a different for all of us… none of us can do everything at once, but all of us can do something at once… one person can make a difference, and every person must try.”
-    Dan Zadra

We truly hope that you and yours are safe and sound. With the number of homes and structures that have been destroyed now reaching the thousands, we also hope that you can do any “little thing” for our friends, family, and neighbors -- from prayers to blankets to donations. Thank you for your thoughts and your time.

The San Diego Foundation – After the Fire Fund
San Diego Red Cross

Bob, Darcy, Dave, John, Robert, and Sabrina

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I read recently that the Chinese government moved about a million people out of a typhoon's way recently; I'd like to know that our next president would have learned from the lessons of New Orleans, and would have some proactive plans to respond quickly and efficiently to the next national disaster. We don't need any more politicians who just hope it won't happen on their watch.

The tragic fires in California are a sobering reminder that disaster can strike anywhere, at any time, and that our government shouldn't ever be caught off guard.


I was born in San Diego. My mom, sister, and grandfather all still live there. They're fine, but this morning was the first time ever that my mother didn't want to talk to her granddaughter on the phone (San Diego has asked residents to limit cell phone useage).

But she did tell me that she was taking her collection of shampoos, toothbrushes, bars of soap, etc that she has collected from various stays in hotels and taking them down to Qualcomm stadium along with her air mattress to donate to those who were in need.

Unity08 is much the same: we can all bring something in, however small, and give of ourselves. Our country's motto: E Pluribus Unum-- out of many, one. We can all do our part, and I know how generous Unity08's membership is.

Thanks to everyone who is helping,
Andy Wilson
Unity08 Volunteer Program Coordinator
AIM: AndyatUnity08

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