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How often do you get an opportunity to help change the world?

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Bob Roth fell into the world of Internet Marketing in the mid-90's when the sole job requirement was being a warm, hard-working body. He has since worked with Yahoo!,, SimpleNet, NetIdentity, and as the keeper of the company message, outreach specialist, and creative cerebrum.

Why I joined Unity08:

I have beliefs. I have a value system. I can prioritize. I can make choices. I can listen. The question I've always asked, "What happened to the system whereby potential leaders tell me about their platform, what they believe in, their values, their priorities, their history of quality decision-making, their ability to listen... and I vote for the person that most closely aligns with me?"

We stump everyday. We lobby everyday. We push project ideas across to a boardroom of peers. We negotiate our time with friends and family. We have to make decisions every second of the waking day. With all this practice, you'd think that we'd be much better at selecting those who are true leaders... but, we're infested with complacency and we truly want to believe that pundits are pundits.

Do you go see a movie simply because a critic says so?
Do you stay at a hotel because of its star rating?
Do you limit your knowledge of world affairs to a few news bites per day?
When is the last time that you truly measured differing opinions on the same matter?

Complacency, I say. But, I'll tell you what we are very good at...

  • Debating and consulting with friends, family, and associates
  • Asking them about restaurants, hotels, movies
  • Seeking education and information from within our own circle

Unity08 is your new circle. Unity08 is your opportunity to contribute your thoughts to the circle and to gain wisdom from the circle. Unity08 gives you a chance to influence the direction of the country and kick your complacency to the curb.

If leaders can't lead, then we must take the lead to find more competent leaders or be those leaders ourselves.

City: Washington

State: DC

Country: US

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