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Why I joined Unity08:

I guess it's about time that I fill this out in case someone actually bothers to read it. Oh my, you really are going to read, this aren't you? Last chance to hit that back button on the browser... ;)

I joined Unity because, like many Americans, I found myself terribly disappointed with the current system. Too many important issues are off the table and not open to discussion. The ones that are being discussed are often done so in a shallow way, or done so with the intent to divide people reaching for a common goal. The more powerful the position is in our government, the less truthful the candidates seem to be.

After experimenting a bit with 3rd parties, I came to realize that, though their hearts are often in the right place, they pay little attention to electoral reality. Most of them originate from the wings of the political landscape, and though their ideals are pure, they were not electable. In what felt like an exact converse of my previous choices, I found that I had all the theory, ideology, and passion I could want...but none of it could be translated into victory because those third parties refused to pay attention to the reality of the spoiler principle. It felt like proud activism, not practical progress.

I want something in the middle; something that can trade some of the idealism for a real shot at winning. This takes cooperation. This takes compromise. It's partly practical and partly ideological.

Unity08 is the first 3rd party /alternate political effort that respects the tactical circumstance of the 3rd party candidate. As opposed to the wing candidate, who at best can serve to be a spectacular spoiler, Unity recognizes that the only way for a independent candidacy to win is to draw one-third of the "common sense" block from BOTH of the political parties. Thus the independent candidate victory is a victory against BOTH major parties at the same time by reducing the entire contest to a three-way race wherein each candidate wins about one-third of the total vote.

This has been done before. In the 1998 governor's race here in Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, by using the same tactic above, won over one republican for every democrat. Little by little he chipped away at the common sense tracts of each side until he had a shot at winning. And win he did. Regardless of what one things about an ex-wrestler who wore pink winning the governorship of my state, we should at least be inspired to see that it can be done if it's done right.

In our case, I am in it to win it, and I hope that you are too. It can be done. I just hope we wear less pink. But the sweet wrestling moves might be pretty cool ;)

City: Vadnais Heights

State: MN

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