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We Could Help Each Other !

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60 Years dealing with People & Governments in USA, Europe, Middle Easr, Africa and Asia .. Providing ideas, plans and programs trouble shooting problems for various business enterprises - large and small Motivated by the magnitude and complexity of the challenge - not the amount of money to be made.

Why I joined Unity08:

Prior to learning about UNITY08 - I'd spent 20 months on the net seeking the same objective : my postings could have real value to UNITY08 and UNITY08 Has Something Of Real Value To Me - I want To See If WE Can Help Each other To Achieve Our Common Objectives. For further insight - Click on my Blog www.popopete.com AMERICA - THE 21st CENTURY - Overhaul Of Government & Private Sector .. For Quick Understanding Use Archives ... January 18/06 "America's COMING OF AGE" !! March 10/06 "ONE MAN'S FIGHT TO FREE A NATION" !! October 19/06 "SOMETHING FOR YOU TO THINK ABOUT WHILE I'M GONE" !! Within These Three Postings : Critical Issues, Core Problems & A Potent & Practical Solution Are Provided In Plain Language !! Throughout The Balance Of The Postings : Every Issue Of Concern To Us Today Is Placed In Proper Prospective - In Lay Language !! The real beauty of the site as a package : IT LEAVES NO ROOM FOR DOUBT WHERE THE PROBLEMS LAY - AND THE HARD CHOICES WE MUST MAKE IF WE ARE TO "GET OUR COUNTRY BACK" !! A BIPARTISAN PARTY OF PEOPLE "PROVEN" TO HAVE "THE RIGHT STUFF" IS THE ONLY PRACTICAL & LONG LASTING ANSWER - AND IT NEEDS TO BE A PARTY FUNDED BY THE MILLIONS OF STOCKHOLDERS IN THIS CORPORATION WE CALL AMERICA !! I committed myself to this project back in the 1960's - when I first uncovered the warning signs, now I'm retired (well semi) and the crisis is more apparent and waking people up - we have a better chance of seizing the initiative and making good things happen. I DON'T CARE WHAT IS - I CONCENTRATE ON THE CHALLENGE TO MAKE THINGS BETTER - And To Do So Legally, Practically - Within An Acceptable Budget & Time Frame. Obviously, I can't do it alone. Now, the ball's in your court - you can either learn from me so we can get things done together - or you can try to trash me and my ideas without offering something better, either way I'm going to stay on course and pushing forward. popo

City: Boynton Beach

State: FL

Country: USA

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