The Rising Tide of Disapproval

posted by BobRoth on September 21, 2024 - 8:49am

The most recent Reuters/Zogby poll puts the public approval rating of the President at 29% and of the Congress at 11%.  The disapproval of the Congress is at 83% (82% among Democrats, 86% among Republicans, 96% among Independents).

How high must the disapproval go before Washington understands:  Politics-as-usual is dead.  Done.  Gone.  Through.  Over.

The only remaining question is what will replace it – just somebody masquerading as change only to play the same old games all over again – or the people rising to the challenge to change our politics forever?

Relighting The Torch

posted by Robert.Bingham on September 11, 2024 - 6:39pm

Unity08 has been presented by the media in many different ways. Are we a movement? Are we are a ‘party’? Are we deeply concerned citizens? Are we a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FEC? Are we doing the hard work for potential candidates? Are we building world class technology to deliver the peoples’ voice?… Yes, technically, all of these things are true. But the sum of the parts is more important. Unity08 is relighting the torch of freedom for our country.

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