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Relighting The Torch

posted by Robert.Bingham on September 11, 2024 - 6:39pm

Unity08 has been presented by the media in many different ways. Are we a movement? Are we are a ‘party’? Are we deeply concerned citizens? Are we a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FEC? Are we doing the hard work for potential candidates? Are we building world class technology to deliver the peoples’ voice?… Yes, technically, all of these things are true. But the sum of the parts is more important. Unity08 is relighting the torch of freedom for our country.

There is no question that America’s torch is dimmer than it was. Before I became the CEO of Unity08, I was dismayed at the hyper partisan party politics, the infighting of issue groups that have far more in common than apart, lobbyists that spend more time on the hill than our elected lawmakers, the absence of compromise, our failing infrastructure, these issues never seem to gain anyone’s attention. Its occurred to me that the power brokers wanted to keep it like that, and that to change the two party system, its entitlements, its carve-outs, would truly upset their global balance of power. So to say that I didn’t feel my voice, or my money would make a difference is an understatement. I did my civic duty to vote, but it was a vote for the least worst candidate in ‘hope’ that they would know the correct direction.

I know I am not alone. Americans have seen voter turnout and political interest dwindle even as we face our Country’s most important challenges. Luckily while ‘hope’ is not a strategy, Unity08 is. A bold strategy to remake the political landscape while healing a nation divided.

I am excited to be part of the solution, and to stop talking about possible solutions, and deliver one. With your help and the help of millions of others, it will be one that we all can all get behind.  Technology flattens the power curve. It will allow us to rise up by the millions and set a true American Agenda for our Country. It will be one for prospective candidates, and one that will relight the torch of freedom for the world.

Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

Robert Bingham

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