The Rising Tide of Disapproval

posted by BobRoth on September 21, 2024 - 8:49am

The most recent Reuters/Zogby poll puts the public approval rating of the President at 29% and of the Congress at 11%.  The disapproval of the Congress is at 83% (82% among Democrats, 86% among Republicans, 96% among Independents).

How high must the disapproval go before Washington understands:  Politics-as-usual is dead.  Done.  Gone.  Through.  Over.

The only remaining question is what will replace it – just somebody masquerading as change only to play the same old games all over again – or the people rising to the challenge to change our politics forever?

That is what Unity08 is all about – combining America's enduring values and America's newest technology to rediscover the American spirit and reignite the torch of freedom.   We need your help to do it – your recruitment of new members, your help with ballot access in your state, your contributions, big and small.

But together we can become the re-United States of America, where citizens and elected officials alike are all part of something bigger than themselves.  That is the America of our history and the America of our dreams.

Let's light up the torch!

Doug Bailey

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Did you mean that the politics in which it is "...typical of Washington to ignore the people" is dead?

Then explain this comment from Bob Roth "The sampling was random across the secure versions of the study". Clearly you ignored a large percentage of the people.

Did you mean that the politics in which words mean nothing (a la "It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is.") is dead?

Then explain why you refer to the sampling of data in your first survey as a "vote" when "vote" by definition means "b : the total number of such expressions of opinion made known at a single time (as at an election)". There was no vote without a full accounting for the results.

Did you mean the politics where "The national Democratic chairman in Washington has actually told his loyal party members in Florida and Michigan that they might as well not vote in their early presidential primaries, because their votes won't matter." is dead?

Then explain why you sampled data in a "vote". Doesn't your actions clearly indicate that many thousands of "votes" didn't matter?

Did you mean the politics of blatant misrepresentations is dead?

Then explain why you continue to claim that Unity08 us NOT a party and then claim that Unity08 IS a party on national television (see your very own appearance on The Colbert Report for proof of that counter-claim). Clearly you have misrepresented yourself without a retraction.

Did you mean that the politics in which leaders are not held to account is dead?

Then explain why none of these questions, raised in many different ways by many different people on this forum have gone unanswered?

Kacz if you don't want to support UNITY08 for whatever reason - that's your right, what you are doing is hurting people who liked and respected you ..

I know you are smart enough to know - that Doug, Jerry & Hamilton Jordan, knew the hurdles they would have to overcome to break down the barriers that are destroying America - Socially, Financially and Security wise : but neither they nor I - expected you to turn your back on us just because they couldn't accept your request to become a paid consultant, they've had to turn down others - only two of you have chosen to post truly negative comments.


Kacz, if you don't want to join us in this endeavor - however we have to do it, at least quit trying to cast a cloud over efforts and opportunities.

My word, for what it's worth ..

Pete Evans

Are you saying that I should not question the actions of the leaders of this movement? How is that attitude any different than that which causes the political gridlock you spend so much time railing against?

Are you saying that there is no need to hold Unity08 leadership to the same standard of openness and honesty that they would hold our current leaders?

Tell me Pete, because I am confused. What exactly is the difference between Unity08 and any other run-of-the-mill BS political machine?

You know I'm not saying they should not be held accountable - but accountable for what .. as I told you - I stayed on an extra day in DC because I still had questions I wanted Doug to answer, I got my answers AND UP TO NOW I have no reason to question Doug's veracity ..

You were there when I made it clear that I had an agenda that was spelled out on the Internet daily, and that I was joining UNITY08 because we had a common goal - Taking Our Country Back .. If and when I get evidence our Goals are no longer the same : I'll confront Doug - if I can't get a satisfactory answer, I'll discontinue my monthly donations, we'll part company - amicably - I'll start looking for other partners who believe as I do - WHICH IS ..


Kacz, why can't you understand where I'm coming from - IF I DON'T FEEL I CAN TRUST SOMEONE - I PART COMPANY AND GO ON ABOUT MY BUSINESS, I don't make it my business to cast doubts on their intelligence or their motives ..

I know Doug thinks as I do - he is a more of a gentleman than I am and respects other peoples feelings more than I do, I only know one way to fight when you're fighting for your life and the lives and futures
of your loved ones : That's To Use Every Tool At Your Disposal To Win - that's what I'm doing with my Blog and my contributions to UNITY08.


And by that I mean, I wish I would believe as you do that the leadership had the good intentions of its claims.

However, actions speak far louder than words, and to date, what actions here convince you that this group is a "People's Movement" when the most vocal people on this board continue to clamor for a more defined debate and a platform of issues in which to believe. Count for me the number of times you've read an "I've had it, I'm out of here" message. The common thread in all of these is disillusion. The SAME disillusion that Unity08 CLAIMS to be the cure for.

What actions here convince you that this group has the wherewithal to actually do what it claims it can do. If this group can't even count and process 22,000 surveys (in the WEEKS it had between when the surveys were taken and when they were reported upon), then how can you seriously believe it will be able to process the "millions of voices" it claims to be able to attract to its online convention?

The fact is, after 2 YEARS of fawning press, this group can count fewer than 100,000 real members and far fewer actual delegates.

There is no method for positively identifying delegates to ensure a real and fair vote on issues.

There is no method for collecting the 750,000 signatures required to gain ballot access (outside of a simple Google map and some vague promises for more to come).

There is no mechanism for developing the kind of message that will actually resonate with voters (if you think its bipartisanship, you're sadly mistaken given that neither party is highly regarded and the poll numbers for Congress is lower even than those for the Pres).

So, tell me again, why I should cease my harangue? Because you don't wish to hear it? The bottom line is that we won't take back our country until we can make the MOVEMENT to take back our country our own; with our own message and our own priorities; NONE of which are represented here by the very leadership you claim to support.


THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM has been exposed for what it is - AN OLD BOYS CLUB That has drained this Nation of its Hard Earned Money - and The Blood of its youthful patriots ..

This Old Boys Club and its Lobbyist Cronies - have seduced many of our Elected Representatives who went to Washington full of ideals and good intentions - only to learn the system was rigged to serve the needs of the Congress, its Two Major Political Parties & Their Members - not The American People ..

Kacz, if nothing else UNITY08 its Delegates including Pete Evans will have helped expose the System for what it is : A Whore that services the needs of the Rich & Powerful - not The People !!

And Kacz, we will have shown their time to Rule MUST BE ENDED - IF AMERICA is to survive and prosper ..

Our Goal, UNITY08's and Mine - is to see This System and The Status Quo replaced by a System of Government Of The People, By The People and For The People - Where Wisdom, Dedication and Integrity will be the pass by which Members are elected to The Presidency & Congress Of The United States Of America.

So Kacz, please, leave us free to go about the business we came here to do, and pray that we WIN - because if we do, you and your loved ones also WIN.

For what it's worth ..


It's good to question. But there's a difference between a Socratic Dialogue based on rational doubt and being a message board troll.

Popo is right-- you seem to be deliberately slandering the Unity08 leadership. To what end? Are you trying to make Unity08 look bad? So people won't sign up? So when people see your dissembling and dissension they'll become less enthused about Unity08 and its goals? Sounds to me like a partisan tactic worthy only of those who we are attempting to replace and reform. . .

It seems to me like the leadership has answered your questions fairly well on other boards, but you seem unconvinced. I then ask you, why? Their answers seem fair, logical, and sound to me. And in the words of many people, "Give a brother a break, will ya?" It sounds like they're doing all they can to make this workable for all of us, and this sniping and bickering isn't helping anyone. I'm not saying don't question our leaders-- question them, and when they answer if the answer is sufficient, cut them some slack and move on.

"the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation"

I've uttered no false charges in my post. I simply questioned how an organization that claims to be different could in fact be different when it acts in ways similar to current politicians and political parties. I've simply quoted Doug's own words and asked how his actions are so different from his own declamations against the status quo.

So, in terms of what words actually mean, I submit that your insinuation that I was simply "being a message board troll" is in fact slanderous.

"But it can't be slander if it's true" is generally the common response.

If we want to be technical about words, etc: 1) I never called you a troll nor implied it: I said there was a difference between a Socratic Dialogue and the actions of a troll. Are you admitting that what you have been doing is troll-worthy? Why so quick to infer that?

Furthermore, the technical definition of a troll is: "An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an online community such as an online discussion forum or USENET, with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response." Now, I will imply that you ARE a troll: Is that definition so different from what you are doing?

I also charge that you do utter knowingly false things, because even after having your questions answered, you continue to spout these same charges and say that Dave Bailey and others at Unity08 are no different from the other parties. The others, like Popo, who have met Dave Bailey and worked with him know this not to be the case. If the preponderance of evidence faces one way, I've got to agree with them.

People leave the message board community because they're tired of the negativism and dissembling-- the same way they're tired of it in our hyper-partisan politics. So you say there's no plan and no way to achieve things like the secure convention or ballot access: how do your murmurings help achieve any of these goals? Give concrete suggestions as to how to make things better.

And maybe membership wise we'd be doing better (and activitywise on the blog) if every post didn't make it some sort of personal vendetta to show that Unity08 ain't all it's cracked up to be and we should all mistrust it the same way we distrust all other politicians. My wife keeps telling me "Why do you read that blog? It only makes you angry!" and she won't join Unity08 because she thinks posts like yours are representative of the membership. After Sam Waterston is on Colbert tomorrow night, millions of people will flock to the sight to fine out what Unity08 is all about. They'll read Dave Bailey's blog, as it is the most recent one. And what will they find underneath? A charming screed saying that Dave Bailey is a liar and we're all being sold a bill of goods. Well now, maybe I'll think twice before I join, won't I?

I'm just saying our actions have consequences. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will Unity08, and Rome certainly wasn't built by the naysayers who chose to complain rather than pitch in.

Two quotes to think about:

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."

Teddy Roosevelt, "Citizenship in a Republic,"
Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

From Monty Python:
Q: Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type really makes me puke, you vacuous, coffee-nosed, maloderous, pervert!!!
M: Look, I CAME HERE FOR AN ARGUMENT, I'm not going to just stand...!!
Q: OH, oh I'm sorry, but this is abuse.
M: Oh, I see, well, that explains it.

I love that Teddy Roosevelt address at the Sorbonne, if I could afford it I'd have a couple Million Posters Made Of That under a UNITY08 Banner ..

HEY DOUG, ROBERT, BOB .. if you're reading this - PAY ATTENTION - That's a Damn Good Idea (if we can afford it - I'm willing to contribute ad extra $10.00 if and when we can do it


ps. I had some dealings with Elliot Eoosevelt many years ago in Miami

Did leadership answer the question about how a "vote" turned into a "sampled survey"? Point me to the response where the leadership said "We will count and report every survey result".

Did the leadership answer the question about how they intend to develop the technology necessary to support millions of votes? Point me to the plan for such technology (and know that I am a technical architect of some significant experience, so words such as "we're developing cutting edge technology" not only fail to impress, they are simply wrong).

Did the leadership answer the question about how they intend to capture 750,000 physical signatures required for ballot access in all 50 States? Sure, they posted a nice little google map, about 30 lines of code went into that, but where is the plan?

Did the leadership deliver on its promise to have a "caucus" system in place by the end of Spring (then the end of Summer, then "imminently") so that members could begin to build a platform? Actually, you don't need to point me there, because the evidence is clear. It doesn't exist.

You see, I am the one who organized the meeting in April of which Pete speaks so often. I organized it specifically to address, face to face, these concerns with the leadership. I paid for myself and two other delegates to attend (me from Seattle, one from CT and another from WI). I offered a 4 point constructive plan for delegate attraction and retention (Engage, Entertain, Educate, Inspire) along with concrete methods for doing each of these. I built demonstration systems to help them see how this could be accomplished (the second Wiki called and an internet broadcast system for audio and video). In all, I contributed over 400 hours of time and thousands of dollars in real money in the attempt to demonstrate how delegates can be attracted and once attracted can be retained and energized.

I won't contend that any of that effort should be taken at face value or implemented in whole or even part. What I will contend is that I am not even very unique in the level of effort expended on behalf of the idea offered by Unity08. But in the end, the results are the same. There is no integration of leadership and membership. There is no real partnership. This is not really a "people's" movement. After 2 years of fawning press, this site can't even attract the attention of a Tommy Thompson.

I too encouraged friends, relatives and countrymen to join. All of them; every one; has thanked me for wasting their time.

Here's something for you to think about. If Unity08 is admittedly behind in their fund raising and delegate attraction (and more importantly, retention) goals, and yet the leadership does nothing to change tactic and fails to listen to the very folks it would attempt to attract, isn't that the very definition of insanity? The doing of a thing over and over expecting different results?

Here's another thing to think about. If you think that my little posts are so damaging to the movement, then the movement isn't strong enough to weather a real fight for this country's soul.

Perhaps there is a better way. Perhaps Unity08 needs to unify with its membership is a real "People's Movement" to take back this country. At present the distance and hubris of the movement is what is damaging Unity08. Not me.

Kacz, you did all the things you said you did - and I've made no bones about the fact that I would have liked it very much if you and Doug could have worked something out ..

I too would like to see a closer liaison between DC and the rest of us, but as I keep telling you - there comes times in your life when you have to go on trust - or just not go at all, there's no in-between, where you hang in the fringe posting comments that can only be seen as efforts to defeat UNITY08's attempts to change things for the better.

I'm convinced, The Founders know precisely what they are doing - and are wishing they had the funds and staff to do things the way you would like to see them done, that just isn't in the cards - so we who believe and have faith will just press on and do our part as effectively as possible.

Kacz, if you want my honest opinion your heart is with UNITY08 - and if you didn't need to make a living, you'd be in here with us contributing your talent and experience. I loved your idea of having College Guys & Dolls in A Unity08 Blazer with Pocket Patch Logo - taking our story to the people ..

My friend - please, come back on board - if this is where your heart is, if I can win the lottery - I'll pay you myself.


forgive the intrusion, but this is intended to be a public discussion eh? For the record, I'm fresh off of hearing about this movement on colbert, combined with insomnia. But I think I have a smidge of arbitrition I can contribute, so here goes~

As far as Kacz's initial comments, their main focus seems to be to be derision towards polling methods (whose accuracy I've never regarded as impressive) and the lack of fundamental functionality on this site.

Regarding that first aspect, honestly the wording of initial post was pure rhetoric. Which is fine I suppose because clearly he was trying to make a point about national disaproval, but the strong "I am clearly pushing my point of view" overtones are a surefire way to make somebody with an opposing viewpoint speak up to counter the retoric. Ironicly, it's about the same thing as the partisan rhetoric in congress, no? I won't pretend to be able to suggest a way to express something strongly and convincingly without polarizing, but I will say that the ability to support an ideal while disagreeing with it's methods is the fundamental core of french-derived american politics... and I have to believe that Kacz (like us all here) wants to engender a new trend of effective representation in washington.

That said, while we want to bring about such a trend, the second aspect of kacz's comments expresses a level of frustration with Unity08's methods and successes. In essence, having a good ideal is great, but without a means to effectively achieve it you're merely left with a sign that says, "Time Travul wood be kool." And that's frustrating- both for the person holding the sign and the people who look at that sign and think, "Well gosh, it sure would be- if only that poor chap's sign had some instructions on how to make a time machine." So it's not pure rebellion to point out that having 105,617 members isn't going to bring about any change, it's just... wary advice.

So I guess if I were to pacify his statements into two sentances it would be, "Come now, lets be reasonable about the veracity of disaproval polling and it's relevance. Further, if we do not quickly discover a means of getting the message out and achieving 10x the number of members in a short time, perchance we should put the sign down and work on that time machine later?"

in reading the infighting on your blog, i see democracy at work! yes, it is a turnoff to a new member to read disgruntlements upon her first viewing of the unity08 site. however, the open discourse including humor and olive-branch-offering is just what we [who see the world not in black & white but rather in many shades of gray, unlike those whom we seek to unseat in DC] don't mind seeing!


The Democratic Party was thrust into a majority in both Houses of the 110th Congress by a public sick of the deadly and unjust quagmire in Iraq and the looming threat of war with Iran.

The so-called "centrists" in the Democratic Party, the DLC, or the Blue Dogs, have prevented Congress from ending the war, and failed to require Bush to seek congressional approval before invading Iran.

As a warning to Unity08 participants, "Political Centrists" are not "Popular Centrists".

So if you want a candidate who will represent the will of the majority of the people, you will have to look to someone who is not a DC party insider. Most all so-called "centrists" are party insiders. They will change nothing. In the end, party centrists are influenced by the same lobbyists who write our laws.

The Democratic party benefited from a myriad of problems they helped create, that they were able to convince was the fault of the Republican Party ..

Come on Ed, you know what I'm saying is the truth - stop and think - about your own thoughts and those of your friends ..

NONE OF US really knew in our hearts what to do about IRAQ - we were there, people were dying - and its costing a fortune every hour - every day : but the truth is and you know it in your heart and your mind PULLING OUT NEVER WAS AN OPTION .. it would have satisfied some people who have no conception of the real issues and consequences .. IT WOULD HAVE DESTROYED ALL FAITH AND TRUST IN AMERICA'S UNDERSTANDING OF THE REAL ISSUES - AND WILLINGNESS TO DO WHAT'S NECESSARY TO FINISH WHAT IT STARTED IN AN INTELLIGENT AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER ..

In hindsight there was a better "temporary" solution for the American people, leave Saddam in control - and hope he could be kept in check, there would be no burden on us - only the Iraqi people and his neighbors faced the danger of his thirst for more power and wealth. Realistically, that was never an option either.

If we learned anything in the last 76 Years - it has to be, the least expensive way in Lives, Property and Money - to confront People and Regimes Bent On Dominating the Lives of others IS : When The Signs First Appear STOP IT BEFORE IT CAN GAIN MOMENTUM - as quickly and quietly as possible - whatever it takes.

Ed, all I know is what I personally observe and or am a part of - and I KNOW THIS .. Since they Assumed Power in 2024 - the Democrats have reneged on their promises and gone out of their way to make things worse - not better ..

Similarly - the Republicans have failed miserably - in their efforts to come to grips with the damage they've done and provide meaningful solutions to change things for the better ..

The debates of both parties up to now - have demonstrated that neither party has anything that can be Categorized as Meeting America's most immediate and Long Term Urgent needs ..

I wouldn't be here in UNITY08 if I felt we had any real chance of changing things with our two existing parties.

Ed, think over what I've said - after all, its the reason you are here in UNITY08 also ..


To turn our common dream into a reality : Adopt/Market/Fight For - AN AGENDA AND CANDIDATE THAT WILL ..

1. Eliminate Political Gridlock, Partisanship & Pandering To Special Interests - Permanently ..

2. Install/Enforce All Recognized Essential Management Disciplines Necessary To Insure Efficacious Management of The Nation's Social, Financial & Security Affairs ..

We must establish & support A Governing Body that we and the Rest Of The World Can Respect for - It's Wisdom, Dedication and Integrity ..

There is a team of UNITY08 Delegates - building such an agenda right now, they are identified as follows : PhilW, Steve PhD, GP, and John Milligan, your encouragement would mean a lot to us all right now ..

You know me Doug, I tell it like it is - and I believe with all my heart and mind : WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS - I believe in you Jerry and Hamilton Jordan, and I believe in our Delegate's ability to give you guys AN AGENDA that will attract Electable Candidates & Millions Of Ardent Supporters ..

So say I ..

Pete Evans

ps : If you haven't already - click on and read about UNITY08 and its Agenda

Thanks for the inspiration. It can get easy to be bogged down by negativity, especially when that's 99% of what our politics are giving us. I'm having some friends over on Thursday Night to watch the season premiere of Gray's Anatomy. I also told them to watch Sam on Colbert (if they don't I'll have it TiVo'd so we can watch it then) and we'll all discuss it and then hopefully have them sign up. Anyone else got some good ideas?

As an aside, talking about the torch-- did you know that we still can't go up into the Statue of Liberty because of security concerns? One of our local Congressmen and Senator Schumer have been trying to get it reopened: call your Congressman and tell them you support Congressman Weiner's bill to open the Statue of Liberty:

Armin in Yonkers

Draft Bloomberg Group Sees Many Signs of Growth
Staff Reporter of the Sun
September 25, 2024



When Mayor Bloomberg arrives at Cooper Union tonight for a panel discussion on national policy matters, he can expect to be greeted by a small group of people waving signs and trying to convince him to run for president.

So far, the Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg is a low-budget organization with a Web site that was recently spruced up by the boyfriend of one of the members, yet its push to get Mr. Bloomberg into the race as a third-party candidate is gaining momentum.

The head of the New York City Draft Bloomberg group, Karin Gallet, said that when she first took over a few months ago she had a mailing list of about "eight people, including four that were family members."

Now she is communicating with about 1,000 supporters on the Internet through e-mail and networking Web sites such as According to another member of the Draft Bloomberg team, Frank Morano, the group is looking at office space in Midtown Manhattan.

1 | 2 | 3 | Next »

BOTH the 2 Parties and Government have become institutionally dysfunctional. And that is largely due in recent years to the vast ends-means disconnects propounded by the practictioners in and advisors to Government in the last 25 years or so. The PACs and Lobbyist special interests are particularly adept at exploiting the vast and growing ends-means disconnects of narrow particular interests to the detriment of the medium and long-term National Interest! Thus their proliferation here on K St in DC and the growing nexus between K-Street, Congress and the Exec Branch. K-Street loves to play the partisan differences as well and create and spiff up the wedge issues to increase their power and increase the dysfunctionality of government.

We citizens are all to some extent to blame for letting this get so far out of control. The 2 Parties as well have abdicated their responsibilities in moderating the debate like Tip O'Neil, Howard Baker, Goldwater, Scoop Jackson, Rudman, Gramm, Michel, Moynihan, etc use to do. The 2 Parties have succumbed to their activist special interest bases and the K-Streeters big time! But Unity can/must fix if Unity can figure out how to tap the vast Center majority out there and empower them in some way to take command and start knocking heads in a Bipartisan way that says to the K-Street special interests that divide NO MAS! THAT is what Unity needs to do!

Above all what Unity needs to do to Tap the Centrist Bipartisan Tide is to delineate 1) key Centrist Issues/Agenda, 2) valid legitimate Centrist Candidates, and 3) effective and transparent true Centrist Branding that will reach out to and coalition with the vast Center Majority Tide and the many good Centrist Organizations that are fed up and want to turn the Tide to make Government Functional and Accountable Again!!

DC - 3rd ward -

John, would you please explain what you mean by a "Centrist".

That label can mean many different things to different people.

Thank you.

The problem is that nobody is willing to STAND up and say what really needs to be said right now about Bush. Bush has no vision of what America is becoming in this very new digital age. Why can't a president blog? Reads responses, and respond back? That would be the day.

"The evils of war are great in their endurance, and have a long reckoning for ages to come." Thomas Jefferson

People are still stuck in the past.
things can still be done the old fashioned way.
but with the country expanding as it does.
it's hard to make such a big country. one town hall.
with reps from each state. a smaller hall with the national rep
and city reps. a local hall with a city rep and district representatives.
Everyone wants answers quickly and quietly no questions asked no matter
how things are. someone says oh they're taking to long, now they don't care about the people. It's a nation of millions of people. how can you grab a
handfull of people to represent them all? Simple. with the 'town hall method'
people can simply talk to a local rep about thier problems or concerns.the local reps go to the city reps, city reps to the state reps, and the state reps to the national reps, and with secure online forums and poll booths, once there is a campus 'base' in each college. It'll be as great as the other times in history.Countless times are there storeis of people tired of how they see things being run, and take a stand for themselves. Trusting thier gut, because they know what they belive is moral and just. Countlesss times. If I didn't have to go to school i'd talk to mr negative face to face. i'd let him ship me out to see him. or he can come see me, a fresh example of the new american generation. I belive I can answer all your 'flaws' with unity 08, and If i can't convince you, I'll be convinced even more about the flaws in our current government. I like using metapohors and figures of speech, and what I'm seeing here is a neglected child who's been told most of his life you can't do it, and became tired of hearing it that he belived it, and gave up hope, now he's bully picking on the good people who belive and think they can make a change, just like they did to him, instead of saying hey if theres at least a chance, and I can contribute, what's the use of not trying? I belive it's better to try and
let time be the judge. not history. we can use history as refrence to what has happened in the past, but not an answer. we make generalizations of the past and present and see what went wrong so won't make the same mistakes again.

I love this although it's not word for word
you all know what I'm talk,ing about,

"ask not what your country can do for you,
but ask yourself what you can for your country."

I belive if you sit back and complain about the people
who are doing thier job, but do anything, you're just as bad as a politician.
who says they have the answers to all the problems.

but if you don't like them that's the beauty of AMerica
you can rise up and get them out. Get someone in who you belive may do the job better. Thirdd parties are great cause the right wings and the left wings
need the cockpit and the tail fins to fly the airplane, sometimes third parties stay in the back and just watch the motion of the ocean, and when an engine fails(corruption or lack of moral in the wing)the plane struggles to stay up and eventually other engines burn untill the wings have no use, and it's up to the cockpit to manuver the plane to saftey, or crash it trying to the very end knowing that they tried thier hardest. I love this metaphor, and can't wait till i have the time to make more, to get all types of people to understand. If you have a plane, and you want to send help to the world, how can you do that when your plane isn't even functioning correctly?

Prepare to hear more from this 'teen'

Alex Serna
El Paso, Texas

"we gotta make a change..."

You can't change the past, but you can change the future, and anyone who says otherwise, is a letargic devil! Before I discovered unity 08 I felt it would take years 10 or even 20 + to get what I thought would be a good america... now I can see it all happening quickly now...I am becoming a part of history...

We are AOK if there's more of you out there ready, willing and able to join The fray - you bet your IPOD things are going to change - if you and I have anything to say about it .. I'm 83 - lived the American Dream - trying to save it for you and my grand kids and their kids ..

Do us both a great big favor, when you have some time to spare (COS this is important stuff) Click on SCROLL BACK and check out enough postings to get a feel for things (later you should take the complete trip back into the archives of ..

What the World Needs Now my young friend - more than anything else IS : people who believe as I do ... "The Difficult We Do Immediately - The Impossible Takes A Little Longer" ..

I can help you - and you can help me : together we can help UNITY08, America and the Whole Damn World ..

Peter K. Evans, Founding Delegate
E mail

The people in control of the american government will not let you change what they don't want you to change. I think they have alot more control over the situation then they seem to. The people you see on t.v. are not the ones who are really in control. Of course people are upset with how the government is being run, for all they know, they know nothing about it. It would be easy for them to hide what their real intentions are, if a commercial is good enough, people will buy the product. I think its pathetic that anyone would agree to the war in the middle east. How can you support a human slauter house. They hate the west because it's people are so greedy, and they don't even know it. Then americans hate the middle east, convincing people that terrorists are brainwashed to hate the west, when really if americans knew what was really going on they would probably agree and also hate the american government, they've killed more then the people they're killing have. As long as you rely on money, you rely on the government, the more you rely on something the more control it has over you. The problem is greed, it always has been.
Tell me your smarter then a 17 year old girl from ottawa.

I agree, Miranda. The people in the American government will not let you change what they don't want changed. but they don't have to brainwash me against the Middle East. Yesterday I saw pictures of Muslims demonstrating in the streets of London. They were carrying signs that said Death to all who insult Allah. Your 9/11 is coming. That pretty much clinched if for me that these people are crazy and want to kill all infidels. They should have all been arrested and deported for acts of terrorism. But they got away with it. As for them hating us and we have killed more than the people they are killing. We did not fly planes into their buildings and kill innocent people. If you are taking up for these people by saying if we knew what was going on we would hate the American government too the you are right. I am a lot smarter than a than a 17 yr old girl from Ottawa.
So far I haven't seen anything that would entice me to donating to Unity because I am not even sure what their goal is.

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