Why We're Doing This -- Today's News (10/9)

posted by MaureenSchweers on October 9, 2024 - 7:17am

More reasons why we need to join together to take our country back:

  • Americans Want A Better Way: According to the latest Gallup poll, just 39% of Americans think the Democratic and Republican parties do an "adequate" job representing the American people; 57% believe a third major party is needed.   
  • Fundraising Is Out Of Control, And It's Only Going To Get Worse: Since January, the major Democratic presidential candidates have raised over $200 million for their campaigns -- nearly double the total amount expected to be reported by their chief Republican counterparts, Politico reports. "The unprecedented flow of money is all the more remarkable given the low marks even Democrats give the new Congress on its handling of the major issue of the day: the Iraq war." Meanwhile, NPR looks at the latest WH 2024 fundraising numbers, and predicts that "we might see our first billion-dollar campaign." 

  • Why Can't Republicans And Democrats Join Together Like This More Often? Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, a conservative Republican contender for president, and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, a liberal Democratic rival, "are set to announce a joint plan for Iraq" at a news conference in the key primary state of Iowa later this week, Washington Post reports. 
  • Quotable: "The food fight has to stop, and there needs to be a restoration of civility" -- former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL).  
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