Why We're Doing This -- Today's News (10/11)

posted by MaureenSchweers on October 11, 2024 - 6:01am

More reasons why we need to join together to take our country back:

  • Trust Issues: According to a new Gallup poll, just 8% have a great deal of trust in our federal government when it comes to handling international problems; just 6% have a great deal of trust in our government when it comes to handling domestic problems.
  • Shouldn't We Expect More From Our Leaders? "Federal investigators are hinting that a fresh wave of campaign-related theft and corruption investigations of Members of Congress are moving through the pipeline, signaling that indictments may be on the horizon," Roll Call reports. "According to multiple sources and independent confirmation from agency officials, the Justice Department currently is honing in on the possible misuse of campaign money. ... The Federal Election Commission also confirmed that it currently is investigating 10 embezzlement cases involving federal campaign committees — four more than its entire caseload in half a decade." 

  • Already, Spending Is Out Of Control: Mitt Romney is the first presidential candidate to run at least 10,000 political ads this election cycle -- "a record for the number of ads run at this point in a presidential primary campaign," CNN reports. Meanwhile, AP predicts that "calculated attack ads by candidates seeking to shake up the field are likely in the next three months." 
  • Quotable: "Sen. Larry Craig, Idaho Republican, is going back on his word again.... No wonder so many American voters have such a dim view of Washington politicians" --columnist Debra Saunders.

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Can someone at Unity08 please tell us how it is that Maureen Schweers' blogs have suddenly graced us at Unity08?

ex animo

I've actually been on the Unity08 team since early this year, posting "Why We're Doing This -- Today's News" on the homepage. We've moved it over to the blogs so you can get involved with your comments (which we love -- keep them coming!). Also, feel free to submit your ideas for "Today's News" -- examples of how the system is broken, how bipartisanship is working, etc...

And my apologies in advance if I'm a little delayed in responding to your comments -- my number one job is chasing after my two little ones (and I think of Unity08 everytime I hear the song "the more we get together, the happier we'll be!")

I was just wondering why you don't post where everybody else posts?

Actually, I am really just interested in how the process works. You know, who at Unity08 has the magic wand, so to speak, to put your postings here. How was that decision made?

Somebody at Unity08 obviously thought your postings deserved a special place. Why? What's the criteria? Whatever they are, I do think they should be known and universally applied; don't you?

Frankly, I think all "delegates" should post in the same place to be fair.

ex animo

As Maureen said, she has been with the team and writing for us for some time. If you will check the main blog, you will see that her posts are there, along with everyone else's. In other words, she is writing for the main blog.

Bob Roth
VP Online Marketing, Unity08

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But my question was: Who has the magic wand to allow somebody to post here as opposed to the Shoutbox?

If Unity08 employees want to participate, or founders or advisors, whatever, why not have them participate in the Shoutbox like the rest of us?

Do we have some delegates more equal than others around here?

ex animo

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