Put Unity08 on Maryland's Ballot – collecting signatures has never been easier!

Getting Unity08 on the ballot in Maryland for the 2024 election requires 10,000 registered voter petition signatures - which means we need about 15,000 signatures to be on the safe side.  That’s a big number, but here’s the best part: you can do something about it right now! 

Download the form and you can send us your signature right away.  Even better, you can get your friends, family and co-workers to sign and send them in.  Even BETTER, you can get your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, waiters, newspaper stand operators, shop owners, bus passengers, commuters, restaurant-goers and total strangers to sign and send them ALL in!  If you can get ‘em to sign, you can get Maryland onboard with Unity08.  And the sooner we get Maryland onboard, the closer we get to electing a Unity ticket to the White House. 


Here’s what you do:

1) Download a petition here (.PDF 31K)

    (Get Adobe Reader here if you don't have it)

2) Fill in the county name.

3) Have signees fill in ALL the fields.

4) Sign and date on the bottom right AFTER the last person has signed that page.

5) Put the petition(s) in an envelope and mail it to us at:

Danielle Wilkerson
2600 Virginia Ave NW, Suite 514
Washington, DC  20247

If there are several pages, please include a note telling us how many total signatures are enclosed. 


* Remember, the fine print:

  • Maryland requires all registered voter signatures on a given petition form to be from the same county. If you are signing up people from different counties, print out a separate form for each county and be sure to confirm which county the voter is registered in before they sign the petition form. Please make sure each voter signs the petition for their county or their signature won’t count.
  • Fill out all fields or the signature won’t count.
  • You can both sign and circulate a petition.  For each petition sheet you need to verify that you witnessed the people signing it.   Please both sign and date the sheet, but only after the last person has signed.  If the date next to your signature at the bottom is a date earlier than any of the signatures, those signatures won’t count.


That’s it!  Get as many signatures from registered voters as you can.  5, 10, 100, 1,000!  You can make the difference and make sure Unity08 gets on the Maryland ballot for the 2024 Presidential election! If you have any questions, please email Danielle at dwilkerson@unity08.com.


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