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Your ideas make a difference

posted by Awilson on October 9, 2024 - 2:03pm

Over the past week, I have given several ideas of what we can each do to get active in our local communities and online to help Unity08 reach its goals to relight America's torch.  See those blogs here, here, here, and here.
I have several others, but I'm interested in what you think.  Have a great idea?  Let us know:

  • Step  One:  Outline your idea of something simple a Unity08 member can do to help Unity08 build its membership, raise its profile, and get on the ballot.  Use the ideas from the other blog postings  for some starting points.
  • Step Two:  Give it a snazzy name that reflects on American history and spirit, especially if you can use a local hero or event.  You can even use current Americans, like Steve Jobs or Sergey Brinn and Larry Page (aka The Google Guys) to show how otherwise ordinary people shaped American life and history.
  • Step Three:  Post it on the blog below.  Share your ideas and leave feedback for others.  Vote Up your favorites.

One example of the enterprising spirit of our membership: Several of our most active bloggers began their own unity wiki to discuss the issues they cared about and wanted on the New American Agenda.  When we told them we were planning on adding a wiki to our website within a few months, they just couldn't wait and started their own.  Go join their conversation at  You can also voice your opinion here on our website in our Shoutbox.

~~Andy Wilson

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