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Bobbie's Story: What we can all do for Unity08

posted by Awilson on October 4, 2024 - 10:20am

I promised more ideas on how to help Unity08, but first I wanted to share an email I received this morning:

I live in a small town in Missouri. I placed one of your articles in our small local paper. I am 68 years old- and am caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson's disease. I would like to help but have no idea how. I've told many about Unity 08.  I don't know if that got results or not. I tell them to go to anyway. If there was anything i can do at home let me know.   I have slow dial-up ( a phone line) and am hooked into that until April.--Bobbie Fuhlage

As members of this movement, we all have our own individual talents and abilities.  We also have limits on our time and abilities.  Bobbie has shown us that with even the most modest of efforts, we can accomplish results. Now that you've edited your Unity08 profile, here are some more ideas:

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere:  Go door to door in your neighborhood and let people know about Unity08.  Get them to sign up on the website as delegates.   Have them make a commitment to sign our petitions when we begin circulating them, or invite them to your house party/local meeting to find out more.  Attention: Going door to door at midnight is optional but NOT recommended by Unity08.

The Pony Express:  Write a bunch of emails, send a bunch of IMs.  Use the technology we have available to us to communicate with as many people as quickly as possible (much faster than ponies!)  Use the Unity08 website to invite everyone you know to join by clicking on Take Action (above) and then select Tell Your Friends.  Go to your favorite blogs and messageboards and post messages about Unity08 in topics where appropriate (DO NOT SPAM).  Get people talking about Unity08 online and direct them back here to the website.
More later...
Andy Wilson
Unity08 Volunteer Program Coordinator

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