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Want to help? Want a job? Here's How...

posted by Awilson on October 3, 2024 - 12:11pm

Unity08 needs your help, and that help can take many different forms.  We have a few main tasks right now: recruit more members and raise Unity08's profile (those efforts feed into one another), and get on the ballot.  Do you want to help on a full time basis?  Check out our jobs page at  Want to help but can't do it full time? Over the rest of the week I'll be posting a few ideas for things you can do right now to get started helping Unity08.

  1. Log In to the Unity08 website and click on the link to [Edit Your Profile] in the upper left hand corner
  2. Make sure you fill in where you're from so you can begin to meet other local Unity08 members from your community online.
  3. Add a picture, fill in your statement of “Why I Joined Unity08” and a short biography.  If you have a great reason why you joined Unity08, post it below to share with others and get their comments.
  4. Express yourself on your own personal website or blog or other social websites websites by adding Unity08 Banners, Links and Buttons to direct your friends to Unity08.
  5. Don't forget to express yourself about current events, issues, and your choice of candidates on our Shoutbox and Blog.  Participate in our most recent Poll and let your voice be heard!

I'll be posting some more ideas tommorow and asking for your input.  Stay tuned!

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