Chat it up with Unity08’s new CEO

posted by BobRoth on June 19, 2023 - 7:35am

We are pleased to announce Robert Bingham as the new CEO of Unity08!

As you know, we’re leveraging technology to give you the ability to put our country back on track. Our unique movement attracted Robert’s technological leadership and we’re ecstatic to have him join us.

Robert brings expertise in web-based applications, social networking, and other new technologies to Unity08. Through his knowledge and leadership, we’ll provide the means for you to determine our movement’s agenda, debate with the candidates, and nominate the Unity08 Ticket.

Guess what? I've joined the team, too! I'm the VP of Online Marketing. We've also added a CTO. The team is coming together!


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New CEO etc etc

Fan Bloody Tastic, Doug you old smartie you done good, now tell him about my plan for Leveraging Reform Bills Through Congreaa - When We Win The White House in 2023 !!

Peter K. Evans (popo) www,

ps. I haven't figured out yet how to work the chat box - email me his phone number so I can chat in person ..


CEO's Digits

LOL -- popo, they've been telling me stories about you! ;-) I just want to say that I appreciate all of the time that you spend commenting on our movement! Please keep doing it!


Maybe you could relay those stories, I would be interested to here some. My imagination is already at work. LOL

Wecome aboard guys. Looking forward to getting the ball rolling.

Betty McLeod

PA 06

Welcome to Unity 08

There is a lot of discussion amongst the people that are just in the backgroud waiting for something to happen. We are (as you said) upset with the political process that has becoming worse with each election. We want to do something and Unity08 can give us something to make happen. But our concern is that the most important thing that needs to be done (In our humble viewpoint) is to start talking more about a statement of process (rather than calling it a platform). It is important to know where we stand. Just saying that we are for a change in politics does not get us excited. But to develope a list of things that could happen is too broad. We find with the candidates that have a plan for universal health care is that they really only scratch the surface. It will not work because there are too many issues. But if we could get a process of discussion to outline the issues and talk about them. We could then open dialogue that would show how we (as a group) or our candidates (with an clear agenda) would handle major issues rather than make blind promises. Mr. Milligan on a blog states that there are a lot of centrist politicians that could be willing to address issues in an open way and set up the framework for a process. Let's do something.

Doing Something

ustoev, thank you for posting your comment. Your voice is being heard and we are evaluating the means by which we can move the conversation you suggest up from our initial time line and the tools that are best for making it constructive.

Doing Something

A suggestion made by Mr. Milligan was of interest. Is there enough clout and interest from Unity 08 to get some of the various leaders from both parties, academia, and business to address issues? These people would give an outline of the problem and the issues that stand in the way of a solution. Sort of like they did with Iraq study group. This is the first step to a solution but something that will never happen with the parties themselves.


Thank you in advance for helping us. I am anxious to hear as much as I can about your vision.

Bob & Robert - A Great Big Welcome ..

My faith in UNITY08 and Doug is unshakable - I have one concern : making sure when our people get in to the White House, we have a system in place to make sure the unfriendly members of congress - have no alternative but to co-operate on getting the right Bills to the Floor and Passed in a timely fashion ..

IPSO FACTO : My Plan to get every candidate for Office and Sitting Member of Congress to Sign A Written/Notarized Pledge To The American Voters - BY THE END OF 2023, Early 2023 ..

I ............ do solemnly swear I recognize the Peoples Legal Right and Responsibility To Control My Conduct In Office, further that I shall abide by any Legally Constituted Peoples Mandate For Political Reform.

Signed : _____________ Date :

Notarized : Date :

Bob, Here we have to break new ground - by pointing out there is overwhelming evidence that candidates for office and re-election will promise anything to get elected or re-elected ; then consistently fail to deliver once in office ..

Therefore it's imperative for the Voters, to have some tangible assurance that the people they vote for will - keep their word and abide by the Constitution once elected ..

The real purpose of course : is to have Documents that tell us who and how many members we can pressure into co-operating with our Executive Branch to pass the needed bills for Critical Political Reforms ..

Please don't tell me this is impossible : if Steptoe and Johnson are worth their salt - they can come up with a cause of action to make it happen !!

Bob, Robert, we all know - we can have the Best Agenda in the World BUT THE AMERICAN VOTING PUBLIC KNOW unless we can show WE HAVE A LEGAL TOOL TO GET THINGS DONE IN CONGRESS .. our plans will not be taken seriously ..

Finally, I contend there are now solid legal grounds for Registered Voters to Demand Such Declarations : The Elections Of 2023 were won by The Democratic Party On Commitments to End Partisanship and The Paralysis It Created In Government - They not only broke their promises to the Voter - They've Made Things a Damn Sight Worse !!

If Steptoe and Johnson can't do something with that - we need to get new Lawyers.

I beseech you Robert as the NEW CEO, make this one of your first acts in office : Sit with our Lawyers - explain my idea and position THEN ASK THEM TO FIND A WAY TO DO IT ...

I'm not a Lawyer - but I've run businesses dealing in commercial and military affairs - Foreign and Domestic, I prepared the cases for my corporations - the Lawyers prepared the briefs from my presentation of the facts and arguments, in almost every case - the issues were settled out of court in our favour ... NOT A BRAG - A Fact Of Life !

I admit - like I said : sometimes you have to break new ground to do what's right !!

Anyway again - Welcome aboard give my regards to Doug, Steve, Natt, Will and Anya : Let's start kicking some butt !!

Pete Evans (popo)

By the way - I issued my own press release (I'm read in 15 Countries)
Click on Today's Posting the scroll back a few - you'll know me better than I know myself

popo I'm confused

popo I'm confused.

Is there any penalty for not living up to the notarized pledge?


I know notarized documents are legal but I don't know if they are in the political arena. But if you sign a document promising to pay some one like a mortgage company, then that's legal. I am a notary but a guess a lawyer would have to comment on if something popo's idea would work.

Betty McLeod

PA 06

I don't think it is constitutional...

Popo's idea is sincere, and I applaud him for his efforts, but I have doubts in two areas:

Is the document legally enforcable...

Is it constitutional...

I know he presented this idea to Doug Bailey - at the public April 16 meeting, and also during a private meeting the next day.

Unity08 has not acted on this idea, and they have not encouraged discussion along these lines. My guess (and it is just that - a guess) is that either there was no interest from the Unity08 leadership, or that the idea was put forward to thier legal people and kicked back as unconstitutional.

Jeff C

Controlling Legal Authority?

I still would be interested in what "Controlling Legal Authority" would be involved in enforcing such a contract. I am no lawyer, but is there anything in contract law or any other law that would make such a notarized contract actually enforecable? If there is That would be great and this might be doable. If it is not, we could at least still get candidates to sign it and hold them to account at elections for "breach" and make them pay the price in the court of public opinion at least.

DC - 3rd ward -

Can't say, I don't know

Can't say, I don't know about those two thing. Only that it is a legal document. Like I said, leave it up to the lawyers.

Betty McLeod

PA 06


I am a notary. And no, notarized documents are not necessary legal. The only thing a notary does is certify as to the identity of the signatories to the document, not to the legality of its content.

ex animo

I stand corrected. You are

I stand corrected. You are right.

Betty McLeod

PA 06

YES ..

GEA, written,signed and notarized pledges (properly worded) - open all kinds of opportunities to hold Violators Accountable : had such pledges been in place prior to the Elections of 2023 - many Democrats
and some Republicans could now be charged with Violating their Oaths of Office ..

Violators of these Oaths can also be held Publicly Accountable, the last thing Politicians hoping to continue their careers - want to face ..

GEA - Let's face it, we live in a complex and dangerous world - our Politicians have brought this situation upon themselves : they have proved to us time and time again as a body - they cannot be trusted, we need a tool with teeth to protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness .. THE WRITTEN/SIGNED/NOTARIZED PLEDGES WOULD BE THAT TOOL !!

There is an important BONUS BY ESTABLISHING THE PLEDGE PROGRAM - we are putting all Political Appointees on Notice "The Gravy Train Is Leaving The Station and Going To The Scrap Yard" : You Do The Job We Pay You To Do - Not The One You Want To Do - Or You Don't Get Or Keep That Job !!

GEA this is nothing from left field - Every Commercial Enterprise If It Wants To Stay In Business and Be Continually Successful & Profitable - MUST ADHERE TO PROPER & EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES , it's to our shame and discredit that we've let them get away with it this long.

Hope that answers your question .


Hey Popo

How you doing. Was going to email you but got distracted. I know your right about notarized documents being a legal document.

Betty McLeod

PA 06

Law is What a Judge Says

Dear Popo,

You are a nice well intentioned person popo, so don't take this wrong. Law is what a judge says and no judge is going to rule against another lawyer in government service, elected or otherwise, if it is avoidable, and this would be avoidable.

There is no "legal" power that rules them, the only power that rules the government is the ballot box.

My opinion? Stop beating your head against this useless wall and start an Operation Clean Sweep in your area (see for a model).


GEA .. what's your experience dealing with law ..

Mine covers almost 50 years and 3 Continents - you have a good heart and mean well .. there comes a time in every Judges Life when The Stakes Are So High & The Crimes So Egregious THEY HAVR TO GIVE WAY TO TRUTH, JUSTICE & REALITY ..

This is - one of those cases ..

GEA I will admit - it's breaking new ground, but that's something I've been doing most of my life - most of the time I get the job done ..

This you can count on : I wouldn't waste my time on this for one second - if I hadn't done my homework and found a way to make it happen, and I sure wouldn't be wasting UNITY08 and you folks time pounding away at y'all ..

Let's put this on the Shelf for now, we've got a whole new Ball Game Going with Robert Bingham & Bob Roth, I'm going to help Jake Jacobson in any way I can to organize UUNITY08 in Palm Beach County, at least get something off the ground here - see if we can't set up a model for other Delegates to learn From ..

Today for example I had to go to my Humana Clinic in Boynton (it's a Biggy) for my Caumadinne check (bad ticker) - I prepared Announce mets For Distribution To The Doctors & Staff, I appear to be one of their favourite patients - so I expect them all to click on to check things out ..

Jake is trying to set up our first group meeting at his home at Boca Pointe - this coming Wednesday, I'll let Y'all Know How It Goes ..

Finally GEA, things we can get our teeth into and start sharing our ideas for growing the organization ..

We can give some time to deciding about organizing a Delegates Council if that's what everyone wants, when we've got this thing up and running .. right now I'm investing my talents, experience and a little money - if I was worried about the money - I wouldn't be here.

Hang in there GEA - I'll let everybody know how our first meeting goes.


Welcome, Mr. Bingham...

…I note your arrival with a glimmer of hope.

>I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
>Take a bow for the new revolution

I have also read your bio at:

>Smile and grin at the change all around
>Pick up my guitar and play
>Just like yesterday

…but I also have a large degree of skepticism. Why? We were promised post-by-post voting “soon” - a year ago. Last November, we were told of a “best in breed website in early 2023.” We have also been told to be satisfied with a nebulous “centrist agenda” as our mission, instead of being a true grass-roots movement – a catalyst for true reform - by actually STANDING for something.

>Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
>We don’t get fooled again

It says you have been with Unity’08 for a year and one month already. Have you really been tasked as CEO, or did Mr. Bailey and Mr. Rafshoon merely give you a title bump while they continue to call the shots?

>Meet the new boss
>Same as the old boss…?

Time will tell.
I’ll stay tuned - for now.

Bloomberg & Unity08 - has the courtship begun?

A while ago I talked about a possible link-up between Unity08 and Michael Bloomberg - and it didn't generate much buzz, even when I linked to an article by Eleanor Clift suggesting the same thing.

At the time I stated my opinion that Clift sourced her story from somewhere - and that she wouldn't have run such a boldly speculative article without solid sourcing; no seasoned D.C. journalist would print such a thing without ironclad attribution.

Forget your distaste for the mainstream media for a moment; in the post-Dan Rather era, a pro journalist like Eleanor Clift cross-checks every source in a story before it ever makes print.

Here is the article:

Suddenly Bloomberg is revoking his republican party membership - and at the same time, Unity08 is installing a new operations team; a team that is skewed heavily toward marketing/re-branding/fundraising expertise.

Doug Bailey "fired" himself, and then Jerry Rafshoon and Bailey hand-picked a management team that has (by their own admission) negligible political experience.

Ask yourself why marketing people would develop a sudden attraction for a virtually moribund political movement with a soft and largely uninspired membership base (and forget the spin about 60,000 delegates - that number has nothing to do with any sort of viable "active" membership; the actual number of committed delegates has to be much lower).

Unity08 tried to brand itself as an idea; advocating a sort of logical positivism for empirical bipartisan political discourse, and it didn't work.

Given the current circumstances, what growth/fundraising tactics are left for a self-stated movement of the disenfranchised center - when that demographic is greeting the current marketing campaign with a studied indifference?
If you can't recruit with the current generalized formula, then you must recruit with some other form of hook.

I'm betting that Bloomberg is the hook.

And ask yourself this: why would a RINO (Rafshoon)and a borderline DINO (Bailey)risk putting time, money, effort, and reputation into founding an organization that could possibly produce a ticket that was an anathema to their personal political views? There isn't much in Bloomberg's political resume to get them riled. And he has the ability to spend a buck or two for the cause. That ability gives him time that the declared candidates don't have.

Think about everything that is happening, and draw your own conclusions.

Jeff C

Ron Paul

I am an Independent leaning left. I just heard Ron Paul on NPR and he sounds so close to all my ideas about our world. Please notify him he would be a good candidate for Unity 08!!
Jone See

10 Min Tuesday Newsletter

I just got this newsletter:

Politics is serious business. But, we can have fun with it too! This week, Unity08 founder Doug Bailey will appear on Comedy Central’s "The Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert.

Please take ten minutes to set your DVR, VCR or TiVo to catch Doug’s appearance on Thursday, June 28 at 11:30pm ET. If you can’t record it, check it out online. We know you’ll really enjoy it!

Last week, we got hundreds of emails welcoming our new CEO, Robert Bingham, to Unity08. Some of you used your ten minutes on Tuesday to let Robert know about your ideas for building Unity08. Thanks for taking the time to welcome Robert and to give him your honest feedback about our movement.

Thanks again,

Co-Chair & Founder
I'm sorry I signed up for serious politics and in return get comedy central appearances. I think there are some good ideas here but... actions speak louder than words. If the best media outlet overage we can get is a comedy central appearance then I am calling it quits early after recently signing on. Call it more of the "I'm fed up with the way things are syndrome."
I have removed myself from future mailings and will no longer be part of the process here. Best of luck to you all.

Colbert Report

Unity08 is a very serious movement, and in addition to this appearence we've also had representatives appear recently on Chris Matthews and on Face the Nation. The Colbert Report is a show with a large number of viewers that many prominent public figures, including political figures, have appeared on. We hope you may reconsider your departure, and we have appreciated your support.

You may also want to check out this link, for a pew poll in regard to different media sources:


National Public Radio needed by Doug/Jerry

I have no problems with Colbert, but I just hope Doug/Jerry would frequent NPR and such great interviewers like Diane Rehm and Kojo Nambi just up the street from them here in DC at WAMU ( )at American University. THAT would REALLY get the word out to the vast silent moderate centrist disaffected across the country as to what Unity is about and is not. I'll pay for the cab or subway fare or drive them myself plus lunch at the Dancing Crab afterwards!

DC - 3rd ward -

Correction - Rafshoon was on NPR last week

Correctionon the last post - Gerald was on WAMU briefly with three other analysts discussing independents last week. Take a listen - . But it would be nice to blanket NPR with some good exclusive extended NPR interviews and such on just Unity. Every person in Unity land should get their local NPR affiliate to get the Unity folks on their local radio stations and to podcasts and spread the word. Also Wolf Blitzer - - Late Edition and Situation room is an excellent forum also. Because we do not have big campaign coffers like the rest, radio/podcasts is a prime means for spreading the word and expanding the debate away from "Soundbite Heaven".

DC - 3rd ward -

You are going to miss the best part ..

I don't know who you are - you didn't put your name to the comment, over this past week-end, 3 Main Stream Media Programs - elevated Unity08's status from that of an "outsider" - to that of a potential front runner..

Leave now, you are going to miss out on the biggest and best adventure of your life, giving the American Dream a new Lease On Life - if not for you - for your kids and their kids ..

Oh, and by the way - Comedy offers many positive opportunities, please, tune in the the report and see what I mean.


Unity08 in the Media

Well said popo!

Unity08 does actively seek opportunities to take part in political and mainstream media. I firmly believe that our community also has an influence over what a show might cover, so I encourage everyone to reach out to their favorite local and national shows to inform them about the movement. Feel free to have them to contact us via

Bob Roth
VP Online Marketing, Unity08

Very good point Bob

Very good point Bob.

Can you post the chat transcript?

Can you post the chat transcript? My time is not my own, so I missed the chat.

The transcript is posted here

I posted a transcript a few minutes after the chat ended. You can find it here:

Hope that helps.

Jim Cook
Irregular Times

Thanks Jim!

Thanks Jim, as always you are a wealth of information.

To join the U08 Delegate Council Online Community send an email to

why should i care about the coming up election?

Hello All,
I am a 17 year old male living in Sunnyvale, CA. I will be eligible to vote this coming up year and i want changes in our government. i belive the current system is failing and its time for a new revolution. what does your party offer?

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