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Darryel Roberds

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I was born dirt poor on a share croppers farm in Arkansas. I started chopping cotton when I was 9 years old and worked at some job for the next 50 years. I graduated from high school in 1957 and joined the Navy shortly thereafter. I spent 10 years as an enlisted man. I was selected for a Navy scholarship program and earned a BS in Math from the University of Mississippi. I got commissioned and flew airplanes as a weapons system expert until I retired in 1979. I made three tours to Vietn Nam. I earned a Masters Degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas in 1977. I sold real estate for two years (two years in the million dollar sales club) and managed a large diversified company for a year before returning to Ole Miss to earn my Doctrate in Business Administration. I taught college, wrote and researched in the Human Resource Management field, consulted in the same area, and finally retired for good in 1998 when I was 59. I had always had the goal of retiring comfortably before I was 60. Of course there are a lot of blank spaces here but you get the idea.

City: Dothan

State: AL

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