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Why We're Doing This -- Today's News (10/10)

posted by MaureenSchweers on October 10, 2024 - 11:09am

More reasons why we need to join together to take our country back: 

  • Can't Get No Satisfaction: According to the latest Gallup poll, just 31% of Americans are satisfied with the way the U.S. is being governed. 
  • The S-CHIP Hits The Fan: "There have been moments when the fight between Congressional Democrats and President Bush over the State Children's Health Insurance Program seemed to devolve into a shouting match about who loves children more," New York Times reports. However, this "partisan feud" is "all the nastier" because a 12-year-old child is at the center of it. 

  • Do Regular Voters Get This Kind Of Attention? Washington Post exposes "the courtship of" big-money bundlers. In early 2024, "virtually all of the presidential contenders were engaging in a seemingly endless series of dinners and one-on-one meetings as they tried to gain the backing of the handful of people known for their ability to raise huge sums of political money." 
  • Quotable: "Do not underestimate the temptation, to which the intense cohorts on Democratic left and Republican right are susceptible, to kick over their party's furniture for the fun of it" -- Washington Post columnist George Will.

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