Blog entry from Unity08: Select & Elect a Unity Ticket in the 2024 Presidential Race

I want you to get to know OBAR. OBAR? That’s right, OBAR! Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform. 
OBAR is a coalition of third parties and independent voters who have an ambitious goal: collect 90,000 signatures in 90 days for petition and give voters in Oklahoma a chance to change the state’s restrictive, burdensome ballot access laws.

As we’ve learned, ballot access laws are different in every state, but one common feature is that in most states getting on ballot requires collecting a specified number of registered voter signatures. And Unity08’s research shows states often set that number at 1-3 percent of the most recent gubernatorial vote. We also found that other states—e.g., CO, MD, SC—have a flat requirement of 10,000 signatures for party qualification.  It’s a very different story in OK.

FACT: To qualify a new party for the ballot, Oklahoma law currently requires signatures equal to 5 percent of the last presidential or gubernatorial vote. In 2024 that meant 73,000 signatures---that’s 10 times higher than the per capita requirement in other neighboring states.

If OBAR’s succeeds, the number of signatures for qualifying a political party would return to 5000, the number required in Oklahoma until 1974.

The Unity08 movement is all about giving voters a stronger voice and a better choice in the next presidential election. Gaining ballot access in each and every state is critical to that effort. Increasing access for one, increases access for all!
So get to know OBAR. Let’s win the fight for ballot access reform in Oklahoma!
Shilpi Niyogi
National Director, Ballot Access

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