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Study Results, Part 2: Issues Press Release

posted by BobRoth on September 13, 2024 - 9:26am

Although we posted the results on Tuesday, we staggered the press releases over two days. One day covered the candidates and the other covered the issues. I just thought I'd include some of the quotes from yesterday's release here.

Read the full release.

View the results of the study.

When asked what qualities they seek in leaders, participants responded that they "did not want leaders who pander, rather those with the integrity and character to make tough decisions." Co-founder Jerry Rafshoon added, "The people answering this survey want to end the bickering and game-playing. They know the issues are tough and difficult, but figure that is what you have leaders for. They aren't getting leadership from either party and they know it."

The data is all the more impressive, said Bailey, because "these are average Americans, including friends and family members of our troops in Iraq. Washington simply does not have much of a clue as to how upset the people are. At Unity08, we predict they will vote in record numbers, they will demand change, and they are willing to think a little outside the box to get it."

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