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    Bloomberg for President! A group advocating Current NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg for President12/03/2007 - 7:36amjoin
    Constitutional Republic, or North American Union? Is abandoning our Constitution and Sovereignty by merging with Canada and Mexico what is best for us all, or just for the globalists and big business?12/02/2007 - 8:29pmjoin
    America needs to Draft Mike Bloomberg! A group to encourage Mike Bloomberg to run as Unity08's Presidential Candidate12/02/2007 - 5:44pmjoin
    Americans against an open border policy This is a group that understands the need for secured borders.12/01/2007 - 5:05pmjoin
    Tired of Torture Tolerance For anyone that believes torture is a despicable act and debases our expectations of rights given to every human being at birth.11/30/2007 - 9:36pmjoin
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    Cornhusker Common Sense Bob Kerrey - Chuck Hagel for Unity08!!12/03/2007 - 3:08pmjoin
    Florida Florida state group12/03/2007 - 1:02pmjoin
    Supporters Of Pete's Plan For Political Reform ! Building an Agenda That Can Give The People What The Want & The Nation What It Needs !!12/03/2007 - 12:22pmjoin
    Texas Texas state group12/03/2007 - 12:02pmjoin
    Utah Utah state group12/03/2007 - 10:11amjoin
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    9/11 a setupAdrian MazurekPeople who believe that 9/11 was a setupjoin
    A Centrist AlternativeG Paoli, MNThe Centrists are a group of Unity08 delegates looking to form a Common Sense look at our political landscapejoin
    A Fiscal FocusPhillip Wray, INKey to finding effective common sense answers to our problems start with reforms that focus on the money in government and politics. join
    A Midwest UnionMichael Costello, ILWe the people of this nation demand officials who will serve this public with honor.join
    AASU and Savannah AreaMichael Seifert, GALocal Savannah area and AASU students/ facultyjoin
    Active and AbroadDanielle Ford, OHFor those of us who want to stay involved but are abroadjoin
    All Students Unite!Patrick Bloomberg, MOAn unmoderated group where students can make their voices heard!join
    America in a 21st Century WorldMatt Cline, INWhere America should stand in the world with the rise of new powersjoin
    America needs to Draft Mike Bloomberg!Andrew MacRae, VAA group to encourage Mike Bloomberg to run as Unity08's Presidential Candidatejoin
    America's HeartlandPhillip Wray, INThe Heart of America beats when its people speak in unison. join
    Americans against an open border policyDavid Day, NCThis is a group that understands the need for secured borders.join
    AsherHeimermannAsher Heimermann, WIThis group is for fans, friends, family, and supporters of Asher Heimermann.join
    Atheist VotersJessica Waldron, COA group for atheists or secular minded individualsjoin
    Augustana College Unity08 MembersTim Peterson, ILDiscussion for members from Augustana Collegejoin
    Barack ObamaAlex Hammer, MEBarack Obamajoin
    Berkeley,CA Unity08Ashleigh Edwards, CAConnect with other Unity08 members in Berkeley!join
    Biden For PresidentDevin Pogue, ILFor those who believe Joe Biden is the best option for the Presidencyjoin
    Bloomberg for President!G Paoli, MNA group advocating Current NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg for Presidentjoin
    CA's South Bay for Unity 08 ForeverBen Kern, CAThis group is for any one in the CA south bay that wants Unity 08 to exist forever.join
    CallToArms.orgBrian Korsak, CAWorking for a Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich joint ticket...Unity2008join
    Centrist Candidates Reach Out John Milligan, DCPossible Legitimate Eligible Electable Centrists Candidates (PLEECC) - ICBsjoin
    CentroidsErnest Prabhakar, CAPrincipled "Purple" Pragmatism, based on "Radical Middle" philosophyjoin
    Chesterfield County Unity08 GroupJohn F. Kirn III, VAA group for all Chesterfield County, Virginia residents to organize local events and spread the message.join
    Colbert 2024Kelly LincolnMaking Politics Fun Again for America. For the Worldjoin
    Colin Powell!Levi Cromer, PAAn honest, straight-talking man whose lived the American Dreamjoin
    Common SenseG Paoli, MNA Take on Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" for our current timesjoin
    Constitutional Republic, or North American Union?Jim McCarthyIs abandoning our Constitution and Sovereignty by merging with Canada and Mexico what is best for us all, or just for the globalists and big business?join
    Cornhusker Common SenseJohn Milligan, DCBob Kerrey - Chuck Hagel for Unity08!!join
    Debate 08Josh Jansa, ILA chance to put your two cents in on the candidates and the issues through debate and discussion. What would you do as President?join
    Democracy in LA (Lower Alabama)dogmomSince none of the current candidates are good enough, we're doing something to save our country !join
    Democracy in North AlabamaJoAnne O'Bar Legat, ALUnity 08 members living in North Alabamajoin
    Dialog07Chandler Harrison Stevens, MNWar, Energy, Democracy (unity WED) issues of Dialog07 for Unity08join
    Direct DemocracyB. T. Marking, SDCtizens who believe they must be allowed to cast binding votes directly on issues - not just candidates.join
    Emory UnityTony Boyles, GAA group devoted to the members of the Emory University community.join
    Foreign PolicyMichael ArnoLooking for consensus in key foreign policy areasjoin
    Free and the Brave In The Lone Star StateMichael Snider, TXTexans who want really care about the future of this great nation! <br><br>We are Texans who believe we can make a difference in American Government!!join
    Hagel 08Jeremy Mullen, MAA group that would like to see Chuck Hagel on the ballot in 08!join
    Honesty and politics. LOBBYING.John DoyleHere we encourage discussion on LOBBYINGjoin
    Kucinich for PresidentScott Burgwin, ORTo continue the discussion and augment the organizing up to, at a minimum, the 2024 Oregon Presidential Primary. join
    MaineAlex Hammer, MEUnity08 in Mainejoin
    McLean For President 2024 Campaign Exploratory GroupEugene McLean, FLThe idea behind a Christian principled democracy is not to legislate Christian values, but to let Christian values guide legislation!join
    MythbustersG Paoli, MNDebating of the facts and fictions of the American Political Landscapejoin
    New Mexico for Unity08Gregory KouryNew Mexicans for Changejoin
    North Texans for Unity08Ron Kendricks, TxA community network to help put Unity08 Candidate on the Texas Ballotjoin
    Northeastern IllinoisDan Kairis, ILLet's get something organized for the Chicagoland and suburban area!join
    Odom2008Jerry Odom, OHClear new choice on how to bring real change from the people.. Ask Me Anthing and get clear a answer.join
    PATRIOTSGregory Raynard, MASpeak up! Join and be heard. All are welcome. Offer solutions. All Topics. Unmoderated.join
    Paul-Gravel 2024Robert Johnson, ILRon Paul for President and Mike Gravel for Vice President if Ron Paul does not receive the GOP Nomination join
    Progressive Dem-NPL CaucusRon SaegerThe Progressive Caucus of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Partyjoin
    Psychology Students Against WaterboardingRyan Kavanaugh, ILAll students against waterboarding please joinjoin
    RealChange08Jerry Odom, OHCitizens who believe the time has come for talk to stop and change to start.join
    Ron Paul for PresidentDaniel Dougherty, PAThis Group will provide you with the network to become actively involved in Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign in the area.join
    Ron Paul GroupBrandon Wisecarver, CAA group for discussion on Republican presidential canidate and congressman Ron Paul.join
    Ron Paul Unity 2024Jacob Orlowitz, COThis group is committed to advancing Ron Paul's candidacy and a Unity 2024 Ticketjoin
    ROTHs for UNITY!Bob Roth, DCRoth or related to a Roth?join
    Southwest ColoradoTom Riesing, COArchuleta, Dolores, LaPlata, Montezuma, San Juan and San Miguel countiesjoin
    SouthWest Missouri 2024 for AmericaJim Hodgson, MOOpen discussion of the political issues facing voters today as viewed by SW Missourijoin
    Students for Improving Government Zack Curtis, TXDiscussing Topics, Events, Candidates, and All Matters That Concern All Studentsjoin
    Supporters Of Pete's Plan For Political Reform !Peter Evans, FLBuilding an Agenda That Can Give The People What The Want & The Nation What It Needs !!join
    Talk is CheapDave Foster, DCMembers taking action to get the word out about Unity08join
    Team Spark (Local Volunteers)Andy Wilson, NYThis group is for volunteers and local organizers to share ideas and successes in our areas. join
    The Colbert Nation Of AmericaNick Killham, ILA group of people who thing that Stephen Colbert should be President and think all of his ideas are the greatest in America since everjoin
    The Delegate WikiG Paoli, MNA group to discuss matters related to the Unity08 Delegate Wiki ( )join
    The Vision Thing - Space explorationDef Ault, MIThis is where the Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed promote space exploration as a top issuejoin
    Tired of Torture ToleranceHayden Mills, CAFor anyone that believes torture is a despicable act and debases our expectations of rights given to every human being at birth.join
    Twin Cities, MinnesotaG Paoli, MNThis is a group for the Twin Cities area of the Minnesotajoin
    Unity 08 Long IslandAnthony Cantiello, NYUnity 08 local group for residents of Long Island, NY.join
    Unity Ignitors (Bloggers)Bob Roth, DCUnity Ignitors are bloggers who are the first to promote new information about the movement on their blogs.join
    Unity in Rhode IslandJohn Benfield, RIA general group for those interested in Unity 08 in RI.join
    Unity Keepers of the Flame (Most Active)Bob Roth, DCThe Unity Most Active keep the torches lit and build more for those that need them.join
    Unity Smoke JumpersBob Roth, DCThe Smoke Jumpers leap into the online fray to build support for Unity08 on other sites.join
    Unity St. LouisJason West, MOUnity08 in St. Louis, MOjoin
    Unity08 Candidate Richard H. ClarkRichard H. Clark, MDCandidate Richard H. Clark on the Issues.join
    Unity08 Lexington-metroJohn Michael Edwards, KYLexington, Kentucky home for Members and Supporters of Unity08join
    Unity08 of the Philadelphia AreaErich Wiener, PAA group for people who live within the Philadelphia Areajoin
    Unity08isdabestDavid Clark, VAIt is awesomejoin
    USA vs Global WarmingAdrian MazurekThe USA is using too much energy, and is one of the leading countries causing global warming.join
    Veterans IssuesRion Shanks, CADiscussion of Unity08's ideal stance on improving care for veterans, particularly long-term post-combat trauma services (mental & physical).join
    War and PeaceMaureen Romilly, WAA general discussion group for people that support our troops but oppose the war in Iraq and U.S. military expansionism world-wide.join
    Washington State University Ben TochtermanGroup consist of students from Washington State University join
    Washington Victory TeamPresident Hopeful Lanakila Washington, NYThis group supports President hopeful Washington in his race for the White House in 08. Join us in making history!join
    What Do You Want From Your Government?Lisa pierce, IAA discussion about America's expectations.join
    Wright-ins for Stephen ColbertJoshua Freeman, ALA group trying to get people to put Stephen as their candidate wright injoin
    ZappaficationErich Wiener, PAA group for people who want less Government involvement (smaller government) in their lives, and look at the world with a sense of humorjoin
    New Mgt Team, National TV Coverage, Linescale Survey, Ballot Access Drive
    New Website, Membership Drive, Candidate Draft Movement
    Vote on American Agenda, Recruit Candidates, Ballot Accecss in 20 states
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