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  • Periodically we run informal polls to gauge our membership’s position or feeling about a topical event or issue. These info-tainment polls are not scientific, nor represent the method we will employ for our upcoming task of selecting the Unity08 candidates during our online convention in June 2024. 

    Latest Polls

    How did you hear about Unity08?

    A family member, friend, or associate invited me to Unity08.
    15% (26 votes)
    I saw Unity08 mentioned on television.
    53% (91 votes)
    I went to a fund-raiser/presentation about Unity08.
    0% (0 votes)
    I heard about Unity08 on the radio.
    9% (15 votes)
    I saw Unity08 mentioned on another web site.
    13% (23 votes)
    I read an article about Unity08 in a magazine/newspaper.
    3% (5 votes)
    I found Unity08 through an online search engine (e.g., Google or Yahoo!).
    3% (6 votes)
    3% (6 votes)
    Total votes: 172

    How many of the announced presidential candidates should be invited to participate in the TV debates in the Fall of 2024?

    All of them
    45% (324 votes)
    All that are qualified on enough state ballots so that they could conceivably win a majority of the Electoral college
    40% (290 votes)
    All candidates with 15% of the vote in the major polls (the current rule)
    13% (96 votes)
    Only the top two party candidates
    2% (18 votes)
    Total votes: 728

    Should it be illegal for any candidate to accept a contribution from anyone who cannot legally vote for him/her?

    63% (438 votes)
    27% (186 votes)
    10% (71 votes)
    Total votes: 695
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