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  • Welcome to the Wisconsin state group page!  My name is Andy Wilson, I’m Unity08’s Volunteer Program Coordinator, and I manage this group.  I need someone from your state to help manage this group.  Interested?  Email me and let me know.

    Unity08 Groups are just like groups you may have used on Yahoo or Myspace, except our groups are only for one purpose: to revitalize our democracy by electing the next President.  Politics as usual tries to divide us: these groups help us connect and unite.

    You are automatically a member of your state group based on where you live.  The main purpose of this group is to help to build your state’s Unity08 membership.   You can post your ideas on a blog or forum. You can also share files, take or create polls, and connect with other Unity08 members.

    You can also search for a local group on the main groups page.  If you don’t see a group for your area, create one!  Look for groups that focus on the issues or candidates you care about.  You can also see the newest and most active groups.  Once you’ve joined a group, you will see all of your groups in MyUnity08 under MyGroups.  Join in, start a group, get connected!

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    Coordinator Information
    Manager: Andy Wilson, NY

    State Events

    There are no events planned in your state. Please consider organizing one. Use Eventful or Meetup to plan your event and we'll list it in our calendar. If you use another site please let us know so that we can make sure it gets listed here.

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