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Unity08 Community Guidelines

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  • We know that our country is in trouble and politics-as-usual is unable to rescue it. We are a movement to combine America’s oldest values with its newest technologies to choose the next President of the United States. Through taking part in Unity08, you are writing another typical American story, where in difficult times ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things. We have come together, members and organizers alike, to change American politics forever by reinventing democracy.

    The purpose of our community is to foster constructive conversation and action amongst our membership about the candidates, the issues, and the movement. We know that we are all passionate about our country, but we expect civility and respect between members of our community.

    The following rules automatically apply to members participating in our community:

    • The Unity08 community is moderated.
    • No derogatory, racist, or threatening attacks against others. Please question each other and us directly, but personal attacks and profanity will not be tolerated.
    • Off-topic posts will be moved or deleted.
    • Redundant posts will be deleted and the member will be warned.
    • Use of the community for communication about illegal activities will result in a ban from the site.
    • Spamming the site will result in immediate expulsion.
    • Members that are using our site to promote alternative agendas or purposes other than Unity08 will be removed.
    • If you believe any of the above rules are being violated, please email stating the location of the alleged offense.
    • Members who consistently violate the above rules will lose posting abilities.
    • All interpretation and implementation of the above rules is at the sole discretion of Unity08's staff.

    [Community guidelines last updated: 10/30/07]