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  • Rothstein's "What If?" Game at U.S. Politics Today

    "What if the major party nominations get settled early, but the general election ballot includes multiple additional serious contenders? And what if the fall debate platforms seem as crowded as the 2024 primary contests?"

    Joe Rothstein, in his article "What If The General Election Stage Is As Crowded With Candidates As The Primaries Have Been?", poses some questions about the potentially "most riveting and least predictable" election that we've ever encountered.

    Unity08 at George Washington University

    Whitney Novak and Nick Troiano recently went to George Washington University to get people's opinions on the current state of politics and the possibility of parties working together on a Unity Ticket. (video by Nick Troiano)

    Getting caught up with the news: 11/30/2007

    Such a great collection lately of reasons why Unity08 is necessary! In fact, I've seen more buzz about "bipartisanship" lately. Almost as if Washington is listening to what we have been saying and they are trying to work together to get something done. If they can figure it out, then I will applaud them. Unfortunately, they still can't seem to make it work either with each other or with our current president.

    Some things from the past week+ that you should take the time to read:

    What does "unity" mean?

    While getting caught up on some of my reading, I ran across a few paragraphs that speak to the problems within our country and the reason why we need something completely different like Unity08.

    In this month’s The Economist, the article "Lexington | With us or against us" states:

    Stoking the Fire (11/29)

    More reasons why we need to join together to reunite our country:

    • How Low Can It Go? According to the latest Reuters/Zogby poll, just 11% of Americans give Congress an excellent or good rating; just 28% give President Bush an excellent or good rating.

    Lou Dobbs and his book "Independents Day"

    Outspoken and straight-talking CNN anchor Lou Dobbs gets it right in his new book, Independents Day. Dobbs finds himself, and a large portion of his audience of just under a million, disgusted with the current state of politics, desperately searching for a solution to escape the corporate and special interests of Washington.

    San Diego Members Organize for Unity08

    Unity08 members Charles and Alicia Foster of Del Mar, CA, threw a cocktail party to tell friends, neighbors and colleagues about Unity08 with big success. Doug Bailey and Bob Bingham attended to meet guests and discuss the movement. Many were happy to know about a better option in this year's race and are now enthusiastically onboard, telling their friends and colleagues about Unity08.

    Do you know people who would like to know about Unity08? Why not organize a get-together and let them know?

    Trent Lott a Quitter?

    Trent Lott quit??! Why? Does it have something to do with the upcoming law to require public officials to wait 2 years before being able to become lobbyists? Naw, couldn't be. He's a public official, a public servant, looking out for our best interest as citizens of the country he serves and whose citizens elected him to office. Isn't he? Or, "wasn't" he?

    Kansas Gets It, What About Washington?

    Whitney Novak, Unity08's National College Coordinator, talks about Washington's inability to cooperate across parties while her own home state of Kansas (a "red" state) has a "blue" governor and it's own "Unity Ticket" in office (a Democratic Governor who chose a Republican Lt. Governor!). Kansas gets it, how about Washington D.C.?

    Tom Brokaw Sees America Desperate for Change

    Tom Brokaw appeared on Hardball earlier this week citing obvious and continuing signals that our country is desperate for change--that they long to be called to a higher ground where every American can be included in deciding what we want America to be, not just what they tell us it is. That is Unity08's purpose--to provide the groundwork for America and all Americans, regardless of party, to come back together and make America what we all want it to be.

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