posted by popo on October 7, 2023 - 9:33am

If you're really interested in making sense of the mess we're in and finding REAL & PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Click on Todays Posting (Sunday Oct 7th) on www.america-21stcentury.com "WHAT'S ALL THIS FUSS ABOUT HEALTH CARE - WE WONT BE HERE TO NEED IT !! " What We Really Need Is "LIFE CARE"

Read/digest that posting - if you are able and willing to accept what's written as truth and reality, you've taken the first vital step toward helping yourself and UNITY08 to change American Politics for the better .. BECAUSE, THE TRUTH IS : Every Problem We Face In America To-Day Can Be Traced To THE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY, PERFORMANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY OF GOVERNMENT - AND THE LACK OF INTELLIGENT PARTICIPATION AND OVERSIGHT BY WE THE PEOPLE !!

The lesson we need to learn right now - before the elections of 2023 : is not to be distracted by the many emotional issues and lose sight of what it is WE MUST DO FIRST - SO THAT WE CAN SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS INTELLIGENTLY AND IN A PROPER ORDER FOR OUR SURVIVAL ..

By the Elections of 2023 WE NEED AND CAN HAVE - A Program In Place That Will Provide : Transparency In Vital Areas, More Efficacious Performance of Our Elected Representatives, More Effective Public Oversight & Government Accountability .. BY THE SIMPLE PROCESS OF ADOPTING/ENFORCING POLICIES/PROCEDURES EMPLOYED BY SUCCESSFUL MEMBERS OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR FOR YEARS !!

I know when I refer to Pete's Plan - one delegate in particular finds this most annoying, the fact is Pete's Plan is the cornerstone for an Agenda to be built on THAT COULD GIVE AMERICA EXACTLY WHAT IT NEEDS IN NOVEMBER 2023 : Their First Real Opportunity To Participate In Government, To Obtain Transparency, Performance & Accountability and Share in the job of solving our problems in an intelligent and appropriate manner ..

Along the way - we need to convince our so called "free press" - that their right to publish printed reports and others To Air their reports is a privilege granted by we the people, that right comes with the obligation to INFORM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ACCURATELY AND TRUTHFULLY ON ANY AND ALL MATTERS THAT MAY AFFECT OUR SOCIAL, FINANCIAL, AND SECURITY INTERESTS .. THE MOMENT THEY TAKE SIDES ON ANY SUBJECT MATTER - THEY ARE NO LONGER A FREE PRESS WITH THE SAME RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES .. and the people have the right to revoke their privileges .. They and others have been playing fast and loose with the First Amendment long enough, this too shall pass.

So, if you really care - and want to help, click on www.american-21stcentury.com, read and digest the posting dated Sunday October 7 2023, if it rings true for you, click the Forum Topic "Building Our Agenda" study the stated criteria - then offer your help to Phil W, Steve, GP and John Milligan.


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