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Welcome to the Unity08 Shoutbox, an online forum to debate issues (civilly, please) and help us build a better movement. The Shoutbox consists of forums (i.e., Campaign Reform), topics within those forums, and comments on the topics. To post a forum topic, simply sign up or sign in.

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Anything dealing with Health Care and Health of Americans.
50104753 min 42 sec ago

by davidfarrar
For issues involving our perceived, statutory, and/or traditional freedoms and liberties in the United States.
44171119 hours 56 min ago
by Phil S
Dealing with the American educational system.
4010084 hours 7 min ago
by davidfarrar
Talk about energy and fuel here.
4079416 hours 57 min ago
by davidfarrar
Global warming, pollution, and other environmental issues here.
1978042 min 44 sec ago
by shiny
For discussions pertaining to Foreign Policy, Defense Issues, and also discussions particular to the Middle East, but NOT the Iraq War or Terrorism.
56129821 hours 34 min ago
by shleym2007
Internal government reforms, campaign registration/funding rules, and Constitutional Amendments should be discussed here.
11518203 hours 6 min ago
by davidfarrar
Talk about legal/illegal immigration and national language discussions.
7114831 day 20 hours ago
by germanicus
Concerned about the national debt? Interest rates? Taxes? Post here.
3877218 hours 54 min ago
by davidfarrar
For discussions pertaining to Terrorism in general and also the War in Iraq. NOT general Foreign Policy.
5815051 day 3 hours ago
by sammythedog
Your issue not listed or easily categorized? Post it here.
166163517 hours 52 min ago
by davidfarrar
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