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posted by redlands56 on October 5, 2023 - 9:59pm

The lynch pin to most of the problems cited is money in politics. Because it takes money to run and win, those with the money are able to buy and influence our elected officials. Why isn't health care properly addressed? Because the insurance and drug companies use their money to influence elected officials. Pick an issue and you will discover that the monied special interests determine government policy. As long as it takes money to run and win, money will control our government, and we will continue to have the best government money can buy, and the government will continue to respond to their interests and not the interests of the people or the nation. That is why this issue is the most important, because it directly affects all other issues.

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Pay all senators and congresspersons minimum wage.Eliminate all benefits after employment is terminated,other than what us peons get.Pass laws against lobbying,and put violators in jail.Just for starters!

Dont clutter the forum with farse.

These careers are serious and difficult. Only a fool would take on the activities of such an office for minimum wage. No jokes. Contibute.

Right on Redlands! That issue is more or less spread over other issues, i.e. Government and Campaign Reform, Special Interests/Lobbying, and IRS tax code (tax reform).

I agree that we need to reform the environment that encourages corruption in government. If you go to the delegate wiki that has been started, you will see that money in politics/government is the starting point for addressing other issues. I think I just heard another voice that knows where we have to start. Be sure to cast your vote on the next U08 survey so we can get this issue upgraded.


P.S. Big section on health care.

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Lets uncorrupt our government!


Do me a favor - go to THE POSTING IN THIS SEGMENT "Face The Truth And Deal With It" etc


I agree with redland. However, as I referenced in my post, having the senators/elected officials address the issue is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. They are not going to address it on a substantial level. Soon, we will have laws with so many loop holes that the special interests groups (corruption groups) will have many more avenues to practice their influence peddling. Everyone here has the passion to post - but do we have the courage to do something about it? Because our elected officials will not.

Here is something to think about. George Washington warned against the "evils" of a two party system due to corruption and squabbling (its in the history books) in his final farewell when he left office. He was a visionary IMO. He foresaw all the issues in which these forums touch on. Most of the issues are due to Dem. vs. Rep. or Rep. vs. Dem.. Result is nothing gets done. But, there is one thing they both share - and that is the protection of the money tree. Neither party will cut their funds off.

When I fill my taxes out - I contribute a dollar campaigns. I think every citizen should pay one dollar per year for campaign financing. The money then is distributed evenly among the canidates. No provisions that will give advantages. Then, ALL PAC monies, Corporation Contributions and Special Interests Monies be banned. Period. Stiff prision terms for all involved in corruption - Elected Official / Lobbiest alike. These $10,000 / plate dinners when only the Corporation Leaders and wealthy attend - Banned (but this topic is for another day =).

End the end, no matter what we call it, Bribery is... Bribery. And it will always lead to corruption. History again proves this.

A new group comprised of everyday votes like you and me... "Americans for America". I know, I know. There are several groups out there. But, have they accomplished anything?? NO. I have not seen any real concerted and powerful pressure placed on our Elected officials in their ivory towers. Where are our walks on Washington. Or our protest on state levels? I am not speaking of a token few hundred. I mean Large numbers. Thousands, dare I say, Hundred of thousands?

Speaking the truth,

It is a challenge to have the foxes withdraw from the hen house.

It should be done if we are to succeed. So, how ?

First things first. Unity08 should have this in a primary position on its platform. Better yet, it should be the only thing. That may sound radical but I suspect on this first go-round we will be a participant at best.
Consider the green party. The title alone tells of the focus.

Could Unity08 be the Anti-Lobby party ?

Campaign Finance
Individuals running for any Federal Elected Office may receive no more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per Registered Voter in the District that Office serves.
Individuals running for Office may transfer no more than Two Percent (2%) of said donations to the State and Federal Party Campaign Headquarters.
All donations must be reported on the State and Federal Income Tax Returns of both the Donator and the Candidate running for election.

End of Big Money problem

Dick C.
Erie, PA

Yes sir! You and I are on the same page. Now all we need to do is to convince the major portion of the US citizens. It is so obvious. What makes most of us move, act, especially to those that we do not know well ? Money. That's unfortunate and, some may respond by taking offense. I know there are those that are insulted when offered money to compromise thier beliefs. And, they have all my admiration. But, generally we fall prey to money too often.

Reader.... while I have your attention

It seems so logical that money would influence a persons decision, consider marketing. Whatever your pet pieve is it will be pushed aside when money is introduced to avoid your view. True ? With that as a starting point, is it not reasonable and logical to address the money problem first ? As you navigate thru all the discussions keep the money issue in mind and ask; "Does money have anything to do with the lack of attention to this ?" Put an end to lobbying, terminate it. Reform campaign contribtions toward enhancing the common citizens influence and discontinuing the influence of wealthy entities.

Our priority should be to stop influencing politicians with money. Stop all lobbying and, reform election campaigning.

Common sense - the cure for stupid!

It only makes sense that if you remove the corruption/money as the primary driving force in politics suddenly the voice of the electorate would mandate the position on ALL issues.

Put all the issues aside and let's fix the system subsequently fixing all the issues.


I agree with everything you said. Money is the problem along with everything that goes with it.

Try going to the sites befow and look around. It will take you too some interesting places. They are all about campaign finance, lobby reform, government reform, etc. They have about 4 or 5 organizations working together to enact change.

Copy and paste. and


Always remember this : Figuring out the REFORMS AND THEIR PRIORITY FOR ACTION IS THE EASY PART ..


Pete's plan recognizes that - and provides the only realistic method of accomplishing that task ..


I know I'm a stubborn opinionated old man - but when I know I'm right I do what I have to do to try and convince my associates ..


I think it is time we tried this approach, at least in the U.S. Congress and the Executive Office positions.

Why Tuesday

Of course, dirty dough is going to find a way to exploit whatever method adopted, so we had better keep this in adopting any kind of public financing legislation.

One amendment I would like to offer is that once a candidate has accepted public financing in their first election, they must use public financing in any re-election bid for the same office, or higher offices.

I also support a national primary schedule, commencing with the smaller states, perhaps one state primary per week. This progression should continue until the number of electoral seats, when combined, equals the number of electoral seats of the last four largest states, when a super primary should be held for those states.

ex animo

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