posted by Tarval on October 3, 2023 - 1:55am

Hello everybody, I would just like to take the time to inform you on some of the things that I think need to be changed.

First we need to remove all forms of lobbying, being that money should not be the reason we vote on a bill. To vote on a bill would be your heart and mind, not your back pocket.

Next we need to inform all elected officals that their vote shall be record from this day forward. There shall be no off the record voting.

Anybody that has served in congress for more than six years should be removed until the system is fixed. Term limits and such would only function until the system is fixed.

All bills shall be past with out pork.

An admendment shall only be granted the ability to be added to the bill if it pertaints to the bill in question.

All bills shall be put before the people for 90 days before they become law. This would allow the people to read over and get a better understanding of the bill at hand before it became law. It would also allow the people a chance to strike it down.

All bills are require to be printed with an easy format to understand the bill in question. This is in effect a way so that all Americans can understand law, and how it pertains to them.

This will do for now.

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