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posted by Tarver on October 2, 2024 - 3:56pm

Lobbying is nothing but bribery.Political donations should be against the law, unless they are done candidly through a board which would distribute the contributions. And the candidate could not be told ,who gave what.If that rule is violated , the candidate should have to return the donation.
If it was done that way everybody could tell the candidate that they donated to his or her campaign , and the candidate wouldn't know the difference.

Randy Tarver

Greenwood, Ar.

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Who is Congress listening to?

An excerpt:
The article received enormous attention because it challenged what had become a taboo issue in mainstream foreign policy circles, namely the impact of the Israel lobby on U.S. Middle East policy. We did not question Israel’s legitimacy and explicitly stated that the United States should come to Israel’s aid if its survival is at risk, but we did argue that pro-Israel groups in the United States were encouraging policies that were ultimately not in America’s national interest. Although the views we expressed are often discussed openly in other democracies—including Israel itself—they have rarely been set forth in detail by mainstream figures in the United States. The article was also of great interest to many readers because it has become increasingly obvious that U.S. Middle East policy has gone badly awry. Although a number of groups and individuals either mischaracterized our views or attacked us personally, many other readers agreed that such an examination of the lobby’s role was long overdue.

Entire article:

Jewish lobby is just one of many lobbies that influence legislators to consider their special interests over the interests of the average American citizen. John M. is also correct in stating that these lobbies are us pushing our wants over those of our neighbors. We need to effect reform that either eliminates or reels them in. These groups are effectively sidetracking government's focus from critical issues.


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Lets uncorrupt our government!

Israel has been our eyes and ears in the Middle East - they are still a powerful deterrent and source of vital intelligence, they are entitled to all the rights of a close ally - nothing more - nothing less.

Rest assured any blame for American policy going awry - at home or abroad, is the fault of a Congress that lacks the Desire or Ability TO WAGE PEACE !!

Unfortunately, too many countries today including Britain, Europe, Israel and The United States Of America - ARE falling Victim to the Deadly Disease of Political Correctness, we're all going to hell in a Hand Basket - if this situation is not soon reversed.

My word - for what its worth ..


In my opinion,lobbyists, and the corporations they work for,run this country.Our government is run exactly like the Mafia.Unfortunately,as long as there are people whose only motivation is to make money,this is not going to change.Time and time again we have seen the callous disregard for the health and well-being of our people by corporate America and these people have a strangle-hold on this country that nothing short of the return of Jesus Christ is going to break.
I admire Unity08 for their efforts,and I hope they will at least make a few of these corporate beasts aware that we are FED UP!

Lobbyist Contact.
Elected Officials, or those running for an Elected Office shall not have contact with any Registered Lobbyist. This restriction shall include the Elected Official and their descendents, the Elected Officials Spouse and/or Partner and their descendents, and the Parents and Grandparents and their descendents of the Elected Official and their Spouse and/or Partner. Nor shall any of the afore mentioned individuals accept employment from any entity having Registered Lobbyists for a period of Eight (8) Years after said Official leaves the Elected Office. The proceeding shall apply to the Elected Officials Staff .

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