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  • What does "unity" mean?

    While getting caught up on some of my reading, I ran across a few paragraphs that speak to the problems within our country and the reason why we need something completely different like Unity08.

    In this month’s The Economist, the article "Lexington | With us or against us" states:

    Unity 08 Long Island

    Unity 08 local group for residents of Long Island, NY.

    Berkeley,CA Unity08

    Connect with other Unity08 members in Berkeley!

    Welcome to the Berkeley Group! Other Bay Area Unity08 supporters are also welcome!

    This is a local group page that will let us find other Unity08 supporters in the area. Once we get enough people, we can hold regular meetings and invite other community members to help spread the word about Unity08! In order to achieve Unity08's goal of ballot access, local groups must provide support to get people in their areas involved- join now to make a difference!

    Let your neighbors know and help spread the word!

    We're Growing!

    Unity08 is growing from a number of directions, and all of them are good. We’ve recently moved into new office space in Washington DC. This was a pretty painful exercise in a city where finding inexpensive office space is an oxymoron.

    People Want Choice For President In 2024

    Sometimes there are just too many polls, but here's one that is very interesting. The latest NBC poll asked people to vote for who they favor. Hillary Clinton was 47% and Rudy Giuliani was 45%. But the very next question asked "Do you support a new independent party with a credible White house cadidate?" and nearly half, 47% said yes, and only 27% saying no. Unity08 is that credible path to the white house, join today.

    Welcome to Tech Talk

    This will be our space to communicate with you about where the technology powering the Unity08 movement is headed. The most visible piece at present is the new U08 web site we launched Oct 31st (Release 2.0). Several of you volunteered to help us test the new site just before launch. Thanks for getting involved. Others have provided valuable feedback through the Forums on what's working and not working so well.

    Blogs About Unity08


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    Unity08: The People's Movement to Reunite America

    Washington’s politics-as-usual is dead.

    Unity08 is a growing movement of Americans that will combine America’s oldest values and newest technology to change our politics forever.  We believe that neither of today’s parties reflects the aspirations of the majority of Americans. Both are unduly influenced by special interests and by money.

    We believe that, as each generation before us has done, it is time to re-ignite the torch of freedom and create the re-United States of America.

    Linescale Survey

    This study was sent via email to all members of in July/August 2024. In it we asked (1) your opinions of key institutions, (2) your opinion of a new idea for our presidential nominations process, (3) your preliminary opinion of some leading candidates and (4) your position on crucial issues.

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