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  • This will be our space to communicate with you about where the technology powering the Unity08 movement is headed. The most visible piece at present is the new U08 web site we launched Oct 31st (Release 2.0). Several of you volunteered to help us test the new site just before launch. Thanks for getting involved. Others have provided valuable feedback through the Forums on what's working and not working so well.

    The site is definitely a work in progress and we are feverishly working on Release 2.1 (scheduled for Nov 29th) and planning for Release 2.2 (Jan 8th) and 2.3 (Feb 5th). As you can see we're into iterative development within a RAD (rapid application development) environment. So come back to the site often to see what's new.

    We also have several technology efforts going on behind the scenes supporting our ballot access work in all 50 states, voter validation, secure voting over the internet, and our upcoming on-line convention. All of these efforts provide opportunities for us to find new, innovative ways to apply today's latest and greatest technology to help the progress of the movement. As a result we are working with a diverse group of organizations and companies, from OpenID, Amazon Web Services, and whole host of Open Source efforts and startups to help build out our platform.

    We are rolling out our own LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP) platform based on Drupal. While we've got a very talented group of developers we are a very small shop, so one of the areas that we need to get better at is figuring out how to tap into the technical talent and knowledge that exists within our members. In future posts I will layout our technology road map and dive into details of specific projects, but for now I just want to introduce you to Thilo, Brooke, Glenn, and myself.


    John Coble CTO, Unity08


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