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  • Unity08 is growing from a number of directions, and all of them are good. We’ve recently moved into new office space in Washington DC. This was a pretty painful exercise in a city where finding inexpensive office space is an oxymoron.

    When I joined in June of 2024, we had 900 sq. ft. of office in the historic Watergate building. While it might be historic, the small space and growing staff didn’t create a very good working environment. We found a 3,000 ft. sublease (read inexpensive, short term lease) after looking for 3 months that should tide us over for the short term.

    Our staff continues to grow as well, with Ballot Access taking up the largest increase as we continue to put the operations in place to gather the signatures required to be on the ballot in all 50 states. I encourage you to see what the requirements are to qualify for your state and volunteer to help.

    We’ve also grown our fund-raising efforts. We continue to reach out to people in cities and towns when our members invite us to participate. The past week, we attended fund-raisers in Miami, San Diego, and New York. The donations raised at these events are crucial to our infrastructure efforts.

    The web site growth with our launch of Political Capital has been fascinating to watch. We have given out 123,695 Political Capital points, and the number increases each day as people discover how easy it is to participate with Unity08.

    The one thing that doesn’t change about Unity08? Our members! We can’t fight this battle without your help and support!

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