posted by popo on July 26, 2024 - 8:12pm

A recent act of Congress that denies Public Oversight Groups the Right To Charge Members of Congress with Crimes is on it's face Unconstitutional in that : It imposes requirements upon the Petitioning Group it lacks the authority to impose ..

In their wisdom, the Founding Fathers by virtue of our Constitution and Bill of Rights - Granted Sovereignty over the Nation and Its Government TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, in response to a question Signator John Adams clarified its purpose as follows : " To Endow The Citizens of America With Righrs & Freedoms That Cannot Be Restrained or Reprealed By Human Law " ..

Congress is the servant of the people - they lack the suthority to impose restrictions on any Petition submitted by a Citizen or Group of Citizens of America that is properly founded in Law ..

The same Constitution States in clear lamguage : "Government Officials are subject to the same Laws as all other Citizens"

Contention : A thorough study of the Congressional Record will reveal that most of the social and economic problems of this century - can be linked to acts of Congress that will fail the litmus test of Constitutionality, ie they were passed without the knowledge, advice and consent of The Sovereign Power - The American People !!

We don't have to beg for Political Reform - We Have The Legal Right and Responsibility to Name It & Demand It !!!!

All that's necessary is for the Delegates of UNity08 - to make Compliance with our Constitution and Bill of Rights The Cornerstone of our Agenda for America and The Agenda of our Candidates for Offices

I urge every delegate to study the Constitution and our Bill Of Rights - you will see I speak the truth, think about what you've been seeing on the news since before and after 2024 : YOU WILL KNOW THE COURSE I SUGGEST IS OUR ONLY HOPE WE HAVE OF TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK & TURNING THINGS AROUND FOR YOU AND YOURS< ME & MINE - and people everywhere who seek to live in peace and freedom.

Peter K (popo) Evans

Forgive any mistakes in spelling etc at 83 I'm tired - don't see too well and my hearing's even worse.

God Bless - Stay Well !!

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The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the cornerstone of our Republic and should be the linch pin of not only U08's platform but all political parties platforms. I suspect the reason there is resistance to this idea is because everyone can agree to remove the unconstitutional government departments and programs that don't directly affect them personally but can't go along with it in the end because they are too selfish to help eliminate them for fear of losing some current or future "benefit".

The unconstitutional debt money system and it's cousin the income tax that have emboldened the politicians to spend money that is created out of thin air now has us on the verge of the greatest economic train wreck in the history of the world. A major calamity cannot be avoided. The ensuing chaos will touch the lives of every individual in this country and will be used as a pretext for the criminals in the White House and the Congress to further clamp down on the freedoms and liberties of Americans.

Emerging from the Constitutional convention Benjamin Franklin was asked "What do we have?" He replied "a Republic if we can keep it." Sorry to say we failed to do so and our great Constitutional Republic has been replaced by an anteistic democracy of mob rule. We have sown the wind and now we are going to reap the whirlwind. Our failure to hold our elected officals accountable to the rule of law, especially the last three administrations, is coming back to bite us now.

The Revolution is not being televised but it is being youtubed!

Join the Ron Paul Revolution to save the Republic!

There are the key words in your last sentence there HC - "Our Failure"!! We the American people have abdicated our electoral and citizen responsibility over the last 20 or so years to get informed and hold to account who we vote for and then to follow up. We are too prone nowadays to accept the entitlements of citizenry, but fail increasingly to accept the responsibilities of citizenry.

Of late in the last 20 or so years we have punted (with our silent complicity) that key citizenry responsibility to the 3,000 PACs/Lobbyists/Special interests in and around K-Street in DC and around the various State Legislatures as well. Until the citizenry acknowledges our complicity and gets directly involved/informed/activated and exercises their voting frequently and responsibily, then nothing will change. "Our Failure"!

We get the government we deserve!!

DC - 3rd ward -

unless of course the fix is in with the electronic voting machines and no paper trail. however that is no excuse for we citizens not to get out and demonstrate, vote, and whatever it takes to bring about change for the better.

Try to stay healthy Pete. I'm hopeful that some good things may happen in '08.

But if there was an office pool I would bet that '08 will be a terrible election, so bad that everyone finally gets sick of Washington. Maybe the race will be even closer so it gets thrown into the Congress or something like that.

Then good things start in 2024 as people defect from the main parties and independents win Congressional seats.

I hope you make it to 2024 and beyond.

Read my Posting "Mr.Speaker I Already Have A Contract " etc I'm suing for Breach of that contract by Congress AND I CITE THE LEGAL GROUNDS TO DO SO " yesterday's posting ..

Thank you for the good wishes and I promise you - one way or another 2024 will be the year we take back our Government for the American people - and I'll be there when it happens !! (I may kick the bucket the next day - but I will leave the building a happy camper)

Peter K (popo) Evans

Don't forget

I hope you are relatively young - this country needs people with your understanding of what made America a Great Society - What caused its Deterioration - and what it will take to restore it to its proper place in World Society ...

America was A Social Experiment that went extremely well - until the American People started to take things for granted - and turned their politicians loose to do as they willed - with our Lives, our Liberties and Pursuit Of Happiness ...

A Return To Constitutional Law - The Edicts of Our Bill Of Rights - And Incorporation Of All Established Policies and Principles of Good Management : IS THE ONLY REAL & LONG TERM SOLUTION TO America's PROBLEMS !!

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT AMERICA'S NEXT PRESIDENT - Accept As His Personal Agenda : To Fight For Political Reforms That Will Embrace Our Constitution, Bill Of Rights and Established Sound Management Practices for Conducting The Peoples business and affairs -- ANYTHING LESS MUST BE UNACCEPTABLE !!

I know I've stated my dream Ticket for UNITy08 in 2024 is : Newt Gingrich as President & Coach AND Barak Obama as VP and Student - my reasoning is simple . both men have special assets to bring to the table that make them a perfect team : both are committed to eliminating partisanship and the gridlock it has and will continue to cause .. as a team they have what it takes to give this country what it needs - Politicians from both Major Parties whose combined inventory of Skills and Experience CANNOT BE MATCHED BY ANY 2 OTHER PEOPLE - together THEY COULD WIN BACK AMERICA FOR THE PEOPLE AND PROVIDE/IMPLEMENT THE PLANS & PROGRAMS A MAJORITY OF REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS IN AND OUT OF CONGRESS WOULD SUPPORT !!

I too Like Ron Paul - I think he would make a President that all Americans, our friends and even our foes - respect as a Politician and human being, I also feel with a good Democrat committed to complying with our Constitution & Bill of Rights as his VP - he would have an excellent chance to win .. I feel the same way about Michael Bloomberg with a Democratic VP could win on a UNITY08 Ticket ..

My problem - If Newt runs on the Republican Ticket he will win the nomination - no question, HIS AGENDA IS ALREADY PUBLIC - and it's designed to bring about unity between the two major parties .. IT RESONATES WITH MANY HARDLINERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE - because it plays to loyalties they are bound to for one reason or another ..

My Point and why I'm pressing UNITY08 Founding Council So Hard with my comments and postings on my Blog IS : If we have to oppose a Newt Gingrich Candidacy to Win The White House - we will need An Agenda that tops Newt's in the areas regarded as most critical to The Largest Number Of People - we will need to make it clear WE WILL BE IN A POSITION TO OFFER A NON PARTISAN OR BI PARTISAN TICKET THAT CAN BE TRUSTED & CAN WIN !!

Sorry I got so long winded - but that's the nuts and bolts of the situation - as I see it.

God bless - stay well ..

Peter K (popo) Evans of Boynton Beach, Florida

ps don't forget - check I post almost daily : the MSM hates my guts - but Political Observers from 14 Foreign Countries seem to like my stuff ..

popo i dont think you have to worry about newt running i think he knows he has too many skeletons & scandals in his closet to win.
i have to disagree that he would unite the parties. i personally think he is very devisive not to mention a hypocrite of the highest order.
but then again the republican party stands for.... " do as i say not as i do".
the dems are just a bunch of weaklings.
sad, sad, sad

Look for the bad things people have done - and keep writing about them - I guess this is your thing ..

My friend - you must have gone into hibernation about 15 years ago - you are way behind the curve on Mr. Speaker in the 21st century ..

First, even his enemies on the Hill credit Newt with being one of the most dedicated to America's Best Interests - he also has one of the most Brilliant Minds of anyone ever to serve in The Unitd States Congress, while everybody else has been talking about establishing bipartisanship AND Solutions to America's problems : Newt has developed/implemented and offered his solutions to both Democrats and Republicans .. WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO BE PROUD OF LATELY ..

The Founders & Most Delegates of UNITY08 are interested in Solutions - not Scadals & Skulduggery, The MSN gives us enough of that ..

I suggest Sir. if you are - or intend to be a dedicated Delegate in UNITY08, leave the Scandals and Skuldugger to The Enquirer et al : and start condtributing something worthwhile !!

Oh and just so as you know : there are many of us here that know more about Government Scandals and Skulduggery - than you will ever know if you live to be 100 !!

Peter K (popo) Evans of Boynton Beach, Florida

popo i live in the present but the past guides us to our future. gingrich is a man without moral compass, it matters not how brilliant he is. here is his explanation for the columbine shootings in an interview with stefanoupolis. he was asked to apply his world view to the shootings.

GINGRICH: Yes, I think the fact is, if you look at the amount of violence we have in games that young people play at 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 years of age, if you look at the dehumanization, if you look at the fact that we refuse to say that we are, in fact, endowed by our creator, that our rights come from God, that if you kill somebody, you’re committing an act of evil.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But what does that have to do with liberalism?

“Well, who has created a situation ethics, essentially, zone of not being willing to talk about any of these things. Let me carry another example. I strongly supported Imus being dismissed, but I also think the very thing he was dismissed for, which is the use of language which is stunningly degrading of women — the fact, for example, that one of the Halloween costumes this last year was being able to be either a prostitute or a pimp at 10, 11, 12 years of age, buying a costume, and we don’t have any discussion about what’s happened to our culture because while we’re restricting political free speech under McCain-Feingold, we say it’s impossible to restrict vulgar and vicious and anti-human speech. And I would argue that that’s a major component of what’s happened to our culture in the last 40 years.”

what the heck is this man talking about? he rambles on about nothing. this is the man you want to run the country? this is the man you say is bi-partisan? this interview took place april of 07'. thats recent enough for me.

and frankly congratulations that you and others know more about sculdugery than i will know if i live to be 100. are you saying you are smarter & better than me and that my opinion doesn't matter? what does your vast knowledge of sculdugery have to do with gingrich and the reality that you love the man and i dont? i think your statement was very immature. this is a discussion / debate not a "i am older and smarter than you so therefor i am right forum". lets stick to the facts. although gingrich might have some good ideas there are many other candidates out there that have shown themselves to have better ideas and a moral compass. you also suggest i post something worthwhile. does attacking me and what i post make you feel better? maybe you should run for president since you obviously feel you are superior to many including myself.
and in your bold print you ask what i have done to be proud of lately. i am raising my young daughter to be a good person and to contribute positive things to society. what about you popo? what have you done to proud of lately? are you proud of making disparaging remarks to me? should any member of unity 08' stop posting if they disagree with you? should all who do not consider gingrich qualified to be president resign from unity?

Scandals and Skeletons - before you judge me - or Newt Gingrich : study our actions and deeds as it relates to the task at hand - I've spent the past two years sharing over 70+ Years of life experiences with my fellow Citizens - in the hope it would help us all ... IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ME WELL ENOUGH TO JUDGE ME Click ON .. read & digest the content of every posting - then click on and read/digest the postings in my archives .. ONLY THEN will you know me well enough to decide who I am and what makes me tick ..

I am pleased that you are lucky enough to have a young one to raise - I hope you will teach her the value of an open mind and not to make judgments
until ALL THE FACTS THAT COUNT have been identified/considered and properly measured ..

To answer your question about my running for President : If I were a younger man and a Natural Born American Citizen - My Hat Would Be In The Ring Right Now - As An Independent and I'd Fight With Everything I've Got To Become UNITY08's Candidate & Win The Election for The American People !!

Scandals & Skeletons - I wish you well, I hope to see you under a different name sometime in the future - How About "lookforthesilverlining" - trust me it's there !!


popo it was you who judged me not i you sir. in fact in your last post you pass judgement even on my handle where you suggest i change my name. what gives you the right? your age? i think not proffessed to knowing more than i, which is indeed probable but sir that does not and never will make what you write correct. that is not for you or i to judge, history will take care of that. and correct me if i am wrong but i do believe in previous posts at unity you have pointed out politicians short comings. are you the only one allowed this freedom? you see popo the reason i am here is because it still is a free country and if i choose to point out a suggested candidates negatives so people can get a full picture then that is my right.
i never ever judged you i merely wrote i do not think gingrich will be nominated. and again i will persist that the man has shown a lack of morality. if you choose to disregard this that is your right, i however feel morality is an important component of the next and all elections. if bill clinton was able to run would you not have difficulty with his past lack of judgement? i know i would.
i do not need to read all your posts or opinions to post what i think. your opinions are yours as mine are mine. personal attacks as you did to me previously are uncalled for and just wrong.
i reiterate i never judged you so i am not sure where your previous post is coming from?
yes i judged gingrich as is my right, and yours, we happen to disagree. that does not make me right nor you. and the criteria i use to judge a candidate is just as relevant as any you use is it not?

Abraham Lincoln:
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

ps...popo i went to your website and boy o b oy i do see where you are coming from. but let me point out that after 2 minutes of reading you bashed hillary clinton. i stopped there not because i am a supporter of clinton but because it appears you, like gingrich, are a hypocrite. you post that it is wrong for me to write negatives on gingrich yet you do the same to clinton and i suspect if i had read more you are negative to others as well. but i will read no more.
i am done with the back and forth sir. i have seen your true colors.


It's your call, but I'm not sure I would advertise being a "kindred spirit" with someone who is on record (in this forum) sympathizing with a known Neo-Nazi (Ernst Zundel).

Here is the link:

Also, Michael Bloomberg is not acceptable to HC because he is Jewish. HC also believes that 9/11 was an American conspiracy, planned by our government. He is on record stating this on the Unity08 forum.

Jeff C

I haven't posted anything on Hilary for a long time - so you were very selective in your viewing : why does that not surprise me .. I grant no passes to Democrat, Republican or Independent - If you had investigated me objectively - you would know this by now !!

Look - Scandals and Skeletons : you are by choice as is evidenced by your choice of identity - a muckraker .. I was giving you more credit than you deserved in my last posting ..

And to answer your other question - Yes Sir - I do consider myself smarter and more intelligent than you - I would have thought that would have been obvious ..

Oh and by the way - The Record Will Prove That Everything I Say About Anybody (a) Is An Established Fact (b) Is Presented As Information Vital To Effective Decision making - Not To Report On Scandals and Skeletons !! a difference you appear not to recognize ...

Now sir, I have more important things to do than try to help someone to become productive - that's bent in the other direction ..

QED from me to you ..


you show your wisdom with name calling. you set a great example. what a way to try to convince someone--by calling them names & you accuse me of being a muckraker, i suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror sir...where you will see a true muckraker.
by the way i clicked on jan. 07 of your much promoted (by you) website just by chance the first thing i clicked you were bashing clinton. you have posted you are supposedly 83 years old, your post on clinton is 6 months old, you consider this a long time? baloney, as with most right wingers you write whatever fits your arguement whether true or not. so say what you will your lack of honesty and integrity is bothersome. so please bother someone else and you are free to ignore my postings since i am a nut and you are the know it all of unity 08'. hell you can even see into the future.
mr. popo by the way i never asked you for help.
it amazes me that after 80 something years you have not learned respect for other opinions.

i still like hagel / webb fro unity 08' ticket.

People who are creative and willing to put their ideas out there - so other positive people can contribute their input to the mix - THEN & ONLY THEN do we have a chance to turn things around ..

I value everyones ideas seeking to move things forward - I HAVE NO TIME FOR OPINIONS THAT ARE NOTHING BUT CRITISISIMS OF OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS ..


ps I would have responded sooner if i'd seen your comment before

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