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Website Update

Last week as many of you noticed we brought out our 1st major update (release 2.1) since we re-launched the new site on Oct. 31st. In all we addressed over 50 bugs and enhancements. The enhancements were focused on the following areas:
1. Simplifying the Sign Up / Sign In Process

  • reduced the amount of information collected
  • improved the look & feel of the pages
  • simplified the password reset process
  • switched to use of eMail for Sign In instead of username
  • added support for OpenID

2. Improved the Invite Friends Tools

3. Political Capital expansion, added points tracking for:

  • voting in Polls
  • signing in (limited to once per day)
  • completing your address info
  • signing the pledge

4. Usability / Home Page changes

  • added comment rating system
  • added RSS feeds for Forums
  • sharing content with a friend
  • added Where We Stand graphic to the footer of home page
  • a number of graphic and video changes to home page

The next update is scheduled for Dec. 20th... stay tuned.

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