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  • Changes to login procedure

    As you have probably noticed, we have recently implemented a timeout on login sessions. This means you will be automatically logged out of the site after one hour of inactivity.

    This is a basic security measure to prevent other people from impersonating you on a publicly accessible computer. At some point we may add a "remember me" option so that you can remain logged in indefinitely from computers that you trust, but as usual, there is a trade-off between security and convenience.

    Welcome to Tech Talk

    This will be our space to communicate with you about where the technology powering the Unity08 movement is headed. The most visible piece at present is the new U08 web site we launched Oct 31st (Release 2.0). Several of you volunteered to help us test the new site just before launch. Thanks for getting involved. Others have provided valuable feedback through the Forums on what's working and not working so well.