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    Last week as many of you noticed we brought out our 1st major update (release 2.1) since we re-launched the new site on Oct. 31st. In all we addressed over 50 bugs and enhancements. The enhancements were focused on the following areas:

    1. Simplifying the Sign Up / Sign In Process

    What can you use your Political Capital for?

    Political Capital is a way for us to create a kind of currency that is not dissimilar to real life Political Capital. As we participate within the community of Unity08, you gain Political Capital and the influence that garners. The amount that you gain will not necessarily be the same each time you do a particular action. We are devising a system that rewards new users for activity and then later stabilizes for active users.

    Welcome to Unity08

    Welcome to Unity08’s new web site. We are very excited to finally set the tone and direction for how we are going to accomplish our goal of remaking American politics by combining our highest values with our newest technologies. If this is your first time here, then we welcome you to Unity08! If you have experienced our site before, you’ll know that this is a major release for us.

    New Mgt Team, National TV Coverage, Linescale Survey, Ballot Access Drive
    New Website, Membership Drive, Candidate Draft Movement
    Vote on American Agenda, Recruit Candidates, Ballot Access in 20 states
    World's First Online Convention
    Q3'07 --- Jul Aug Sep
    Q4'07 --- Oct Nov Dec
    Q1'08 --- Jan Feb Mar
    Q2'08 --- Apr May Jun
    Everybody In, Polling Starts, YouTube Debate, Fundraising Race Starts
    Sound Bite City, Unprecedented $$$ Raised, Front Runners Annointed
    Super Tuesday, Party Nominations locked, Billions of $$$ Spent
    Party Hangover, Buyer's Remorse, Lesser of 2 Evils Realization