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I used to think I was an American : not someone of ~ "native-american , german-american & other-evolutionary" heritage(s), who lives in america....

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~ my mother was primarly native-american; my father was of germanic descent. Neither of my parents could hear or speak from birth; sign-language is/was our primary way of communicating, at home. At 13, i left home to chase my dreams; knowing always, i could return home to open arms. I chased after the "black robes" of the Redemptorist Order in the catholic church ; learning to read / write " greek, german, latin & european-spanish ". (as an aside: i believe "immersion" is the only way to really speak & understand a language.) After about 5 years, i realized i wouldn't live up to the "oath of chasitiy". & I couldn't abandon my logic (survival) compass to the "oath of obedience". Disappointed in myself, joined the USMC ~ traveling 7 seas, 7 continents; then fighting in a conflict/war, we ultimately lost (after about 12 years). Went to university studied economics & civil engineering. My wife & I brought 3 children into this ole'world; 1 survives today.

Why I joined Unity08:

~ I used to think I was an American; being born & bred on the plains of kansas. Perhaps due mostly to the push for "cultural diversity"; I find myself trying to limit (rather than broaden) my horizons in order to fit in. Ain't it curious how people define themselves as say: native-american, mexican-american, african-american, arab-american etc...vs "american"......the (i'm hoping) common denominator, here, in the good'ole USA.
  • I'm beginning to think that our common idealogical goals, ain't so common anymore. heck, i don't even know what it is to be "american" anymore. Perhaps the only thing(s) common is/are ~ geography, secular ~ law(s) of the land, co-existence, mutual respect & pursuit of disappointments (as well as) opportunities.
  • I'm thinking ~ cultural diversity, (aka - social capital - color, language, faith...etc...) serve to divide the USA.
  • Specific issues bear fruit for individuals. Coalitions bear fruit for groups of like minded individuals. Party platforms compromise all issues & put us in a place where none of us wanted to go.....
  • a fine example of what i think Unity08 could look like at: ~ lnk ~ ( i agree with 80% of the issues ...)
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