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  • Please return to this page regularly to see updates on California

    To get ballot access in California:

    • Unity08 must either:
      • qualify as a party by having at least 88,891voters register with us by December 31, 2024 OR
      • collect at least 158, 372 registered voter signatures to qualify the Unity Ticket for an independent candidacy between the close of our June online convention and August 8, 2024
    • We need a volunteer state lawyer.
    • We need volunteers to start organizing local groups statewide right now.

    Ready to get started?

    1. Become a local field organizer.
    2. Attend or host a Unity08 event in your community.
    3. Join or start a group in your state.
    4. Become Unity08's volunteer state lawyer, contact Unity08 National Ballot Access Director Shilpi Niyogi.

    More questions?

    Contact Unity08 National Ballot Access Director Shilpi Niyogi.

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