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3rd Parties & Bloomberg?

On our wish list of things for this holiday season, as the Unity08 membership, would definitely be media coverage. Thank you WSJ and San Jose Merc!

In today's Wall Street Journal, Ben Casselman wrote an article entitled, "Where Bloomberg Fits in Election." Read the article.

"'If the parties nominate polarizing candidates...then there's plenty of room for Mr. Bloomberg,' independent pollster John Zogby said."

"Mr. Sheekey, who ran both of Mr. Bloomberg's mayoral campaigns, has met with Unity08, a group promoting an independent or bipartisan presidential campaign."

Also, in today's San Jose Mercury News, an Op-Ed was written and published by Mr. Les Francis, former deputy chief of staff to President Carter, entitled "3rd Party Could Win Moderate Voters." Read the Op-Ed.

"Over dinner a while back, veteran Democratic pollster Peter Hart said that in 40 years in the public opinion research business, he had never seen the political climate as receptive to an independent or third party presidential candidacy as it is now, as the 2008 election approaches. Voter disenchantment with 'politics as usual' and government paralysis have, if anything, grown since Hart made his observation."

"I now believe that an independent national ticket would not only be desirable, it may be essential to the future of our republic."

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