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Stoking the Fire (11/20)

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  • More reasons why we need to join together to reunite our country:

    • Will The Candidiates Put Partisanship Aside To Discuss The Issues? Former Vice President Al Gore and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) "are attempting to organize" a bipartisan presidential forum on energy policy and climate change in New Hampshire next month, Concord Monitor reports.
    • Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go? This year, the average Representative received $9.6 million for their district and interests, though members of the Appropriations Committee -- which hands out the funds -- averaged $28.6 million, Parade reports. "The big winner" was Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA), "who could reap more than $180 million for his projects. The losers? Possibly you."
    • Is This The Way To Choose A President? Manchester Union Leader reports, "The date for the New Hampshire primary will remain up in the air until the Michigan presidential nominating contest finally has been scheduled," according to New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner.
    • Quotable: "This Thanksgiving, we pay tribute to all Americans who serve a cause larger than themselves" -- President Bush.

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