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Stoking the Fire (11/19)

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  • More reasons why we need to join together to reunite our country:

    • "You Have The Power!": Parade looks at how the Internet is changing politics: "In this new Internet age, democracy means much more than a trip to the polls. Every day at personal computers across the nation, people are speaking back to their politicians -- posting essays and videos that will be seen by thousands, organizing their neighbors and delving deep into the issues they care about on their own terms." Parade is taking comments on this story; click here to share how we are ending politics as usual with Unity08!
    • Speaking Of Politics As Usual... "More than six months past its deadline, the task force charged with revising the House ethics process is finally set to issue its report -- and all indications are that its recommendations will fall short of setting up a system that will restore confidence in that process," Roll Call writes.
    • What's Wrong With This Picture? "Seven lawmakers seeking re-election while under federal investigation raked in nearly three times as much in campaign donations as their opponents in the latest fundraising period," USA Today reports.
    • Quotable: "The culture war between the Red and Blue Nations has erupted again -- big time -- and will last until Election Day next year" -- Newsweek's Howard Fineman.

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