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Stoking the Fire (11/15)

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  • More reasons why we need to join together to reunite our country:

    • They Know The Candidates Best, And They're Still Undecided... "Iowa and New Hampshire, where presidential politics at this early point may matter more than in the nation as a whole, are in a state of flux just seven weeks before the first voting is to begin," AP reports. "Voters who have managed to pick candidates in these two leadoff states are split among the top contenders in both parties, and more than half in both states say they have not made up their minds, even though the leading candidates "have been campaigning for nearly a year."
    • From The Mouths Of Babes: AOL's Political Machine reports on "Swift Kids for Truth"'s mock ads, which "ruthlessly expose the absurdity" of "shameless and baseless smear campaigns." Political Machine asks: "Will we, as Democrats and Republicans and Independents ... say anything to get our candidate elected? Does hearing our own horrible lies coming straight from the mouths of babes, so to speak, result in the dull and bitter realization of our own hypocrisy?" AOL is taking comments, click here to join the discussion.
    • Something's Fishy Here: "Since breaking into public view a year ago when federal agents raided lawmakers' offices and homes," the federal investigation into corruption in Alaska politics has produced four indictments, three convictions, three guilty pleas "and a rapt audience keen to see how high into Alaska's political hierarchy the rot reaches," Washington Post reports. "Officially, the scandal has remained confined to Juneau, where Alaska lawmakers had grown so accustomed to operating under the presumption of impropriety that several of them embroidered ball caps with the letters CBC, for 'Corrupt Bastards Club.'"
    • Quotable: "During a confusing week on Capitol Hill, lawmakers engaged in games that were difficult for insiders to understand and incomprehensible to ordinary voters. ... the desire to bring home the bacon trumped concern over the falling dollar, the crisis in Pakistan and the continuing conflict in Iraq" -- syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

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